Missing 4-Year-Old Ukrainian Boy’s Body Finally Found After 26 Days

Images Credits: Anna Yakhno on Instagram

“My little angel is already in heaven.”

Those were the comments of Anna Yakhno, 25, the mother of 4-year-old Sasha Zdanovych, who passed away after going missing for more than 26 days after the Russian invasion. Yakhno had been desperately trying to find her son, who went missing when he tried to escape Ukraine with his grandmother.

The boy went missing on March 10, and Anna immediately went to social media to post photos of her son in an effort to find him. The border guards were also instructed to be on the lookout for any boy that fit his description among the crowds of refugees who were leaving the country.

A Sad Ending

Unfortunately, Anna would never get to see her boy alive again. In a tragic and heart-wrenching Facebook post, Anna announced that Sasha’s body was finally found lifeless.

“Today we found Sasha’s body. I thank everyone who believed, who helped in the search, I thank everyone for your prayers and faith, I thank you for your support. Thanks to you, my son met me.”

Despite the tragic news, Anna has remained positive and grateful for all the help she has received throughout this terrible ordeal.

“Thanks to you, my little boy has come to meet me. Sashenka, our little angel is already in heaven! Today his soul has found peace.”

The World Mourns

Because of Anna’s efforts, many people all over the world have become invested in the search for Sasha, and she has been on the receiving end of words of love and support.

After Sasha had initially disappeared, Anna remained hopeful that she would eventually be reunited with her adorable son. Many people reached out to her to tell her that there were possible sightings of children who matched Sasha’s description among the crowds of people who were displaced in their efforts to flee Ukraine.

Anna also hoped that Sasha may have ended up with a neighbor or villager who took him in to protect him as they searched for his parents. The young mother opened up about how she has been devastated over the past month since her son’s disappearance and has barely slept throughout the entire ordeal. Sasha had initially stayed with Anna’s mother, Zoya, when the war first broke out.

“They were in a small village with only two shops and two days after the start of the invasion all the food was gone. The longer they stayed there, the worse it got with supplies and electricity.”

Sasha went missing amidst the pandemonium of trying to escape the occupation.

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  1. losing a loved one is so painful !but losing a child is pure pain especially in such circumstances of war where the kid can’t understand why!!..may God end this in his own way

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