Mississippi News Anchor Taken Off-Air for Using Snoop Dogg Catchphrase During Broadcast

Longtime Mississippi news anchor, Barbie Bassett was pulled off-air after she used a racially insensitive catchphrase by Snoop Dogg during the live broadcast.

Bassett, a popular anchor, and WLBT’s first chief meteorologist hasn’t been seen on-air since March 8 – the day she was taken off-air for her remarks.

Daily Mail reported, “Her bio no longer appears on the company’s website.”

“Bassett’s comment was during a segment that was talking about Snoop Dogg’s wine company, Cali Wine Collection- and the launch of his Snoop Cali Blanc variety.” 

“Before the broadcast ended, Bassett, who is white, repeated a famous Snoop slang saying, ‘Fo shizzle, my [epithet].’”

The comment is deemed insensitive by black people.

Barbie’s latest comment came only four months after she mentioned her co-anchor Cameron Poe’s grandmother and called her “grandmammy” – a term used by African-American slaves for their grandmothers.

“At the time, Basset apologized to the viewers and her co-workers for the offensive remark during the October 2022 broadcast, calling it ‘insensitive and hurtful’ and said she was going to participate in training to ‘better understand our history and our people,” per Daily Mail.

“Last Friday on our newscast ‘Today at 11’, I used a term that was offensive to many in our audience and to my coworkers here at WLBT,” she said in her statement.

“Though not intentional, I now understand how my comment was both insensitive and hurtful. I have apologized to Carmen Poe. Now, I would like to apologize to you. That is not the heart of who I am. And for that, I humbly ask for your forgiveness, and I apologize to everyone I have offended.”

She continued, “I will learn from this and participate in training so I can better understand our history and our people. I can’t mend the hurt my comment caused. I pray you’ll forgive me and that you’ll extend grace through this awful mistake.” 

The anchor’s Facebook page has removed any reference to WLBT, suggesting that she is no longer employed at the station.

“not WLBT done fired Barbie Bassett for saying “for shizzle my nizzle” one person wrote on Twitter.

“Barbie Bassett didn’t do anything wrong except make a corny joke. She should not have been fired. @WLBT#IStandWithBarbie” another said.

“WLBT anchor Barbie Bassett has a history of using racially-charged stereotypes on air. I question the integrity of WLBT’s management. They enabled her,” a third said.

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Source: Daily Mail

  1. It’s ridiculous that woman got fired over the fraze snoop God uses. It was meant to be a joke not meant to heat up a race riot. Then using the word grandmammy. So what! Since when is the term grandmammy only used by black Americans? Since when did this country loose its mind? Y’all need to not be so damn sensitive about stupid stuff that’s not gonna make a difference in two days. Get over yourselves!

  2. The offensive, cancel culture needs to take a backseat! Relax and go to sleep! If you’re offended talk to God don’t cause someone to loose their job because you’re over sensitive and have zero sense of humor!

  3. This is just ridiculous!!! Because black people used a word no other race can use that word without it being offensive!!🙄. Give me a break. Hope she’s suing for wrongful termination.

  4. Absolutely RIDICULOUS that someone loses their job because this country has suddenly become so damn sensitive!! No its easier to just go out and shoot someone and then claim they hurt your deep inner feelings. I miss the way America was in the late 70’s and 80’s, when people knew how to take a damn joke and our feelings weren’t hurt because someone said something as CORNY as “fo shizzle my nizzle”!! Get the hell OVER yourselves and go get a sense of humor and a backbone!! And stop trying to ERASE America’s Hisyory with your sensitive selves!!

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