Mom Gets Massive Backlash Online for Giving Her Baby a Stiletto Manicure

Source: Reddit

If you do enough browsing on Reddit, you’re bound to find a few stories that are either just plain weird or peculiar. And this particular Reddit thread has been buzzing with activity lately because of a manicure that a mom gave to her newborn baby.

Under the WhitePeopleTwitter subreddit, wherein people post some of the weirdest Tweets surrounding some peculiar situations, many Redditors are furious at the mom’s decision to give her baby a stiletto manicure.

One particular commenter, Reddit user Shelly-Belle had this to say,

“That’s trashy, but it looks like photoshop. I hope no one’s out there here doing that, that’s so dangerous.”

Another Reddit user rutlandclimber, the original poster of the thread, replied to the comment by saying,

“Here’s hoping that the world is a better place than this tweet!”

A Big Deal about Nails

The Tweet gained so much traction on social media that even The Daily Mail noticed. One particular reason why so many people are in an uproar over the picture was that the mother adorned the child’s fingernails with incredibly sharp fake nails resembling claws. But what made matters worse was that the mother even sought to commoditize the act by offering to do other babies’ nails as a service.

In a Tweet that has since been deleted, the mother posted images of the baby’s sharp fingernails along with the caption:

“I can do your babies nails. PM for info. Cheap rates.”

After going viral on Twitter, the post was screenshot and posted on Reddit under the WhitePeopleTwitter subreddit.

Some people can’t believe that any mother could ever do this to their child. Some even think that the images are doctored but still dangerous because they could encourage this kind of behavior among other more gullible mothers.

The Twitter Backlash

No one is safe on social media these days. As this mother would learn, anything you post on the internet can be used against you. Many Twitter users were quick to express their concern over the mother’s actions and the child’s well-being.

Check out this Tweet from @MomoDaBunny3612:

Twitter user @DaniFallen23 also had this to say about the matter:

Share Your Thoughts

So, what do you think about all of the backlash that this mother is receiving? She obviously feels bad about it since she took down her Tweet. But were netizens justified in getting upset over this? Comment what you think down below!

Source: Reddit

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  1. She is not going to be so willing to do it again if her baby accidentally scratches an eye, lacerating it. Also we put mits on babies to prevent them from scratching themselves. To me, this need to be investigation of the Mother if she thinks this is proper.

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