Mom Slammed for Putting her Kids in a Box to Get Work Done Around the House

A mom-of-two sparked debate on TikTok after putting her kids in a box to get some work done around the house.

Gabrielle Dunn, who goes by the username @mrs.gabidunn on the video-sharing platform, recently shared a video on her account. She took inspiration from another mum on the platform and put her two daughters in a box to get done with the house chores.

The original idea belonged to mum Abby Franco who put her children in a box and said doing so, she can do the cleaning around her house for at least thirty minutes.

“Work smart no hard,” Franco captioned her video.

Taking inspiration from Abby, Gabrielle stitched her video with Franco’s and posted her own video.

In her video, Gabrielle was seen putting on her shoes as she wrote, “Wait a dang minute,” on her clip.

She then went outside to bring back the box she had thrown earlier with the other trash.

“Glad we didn’t break down that box yet,” she captioned her video.

The mom then put her kids inside the box, let them play, and spend time on their own while she vacuum-cleaned the house.

Gabrielle’s video has been viewed by more than 10 million people on TikTok, and users have different views to share.

Some appreciated her for sharing a genius idea with others, while others condemned her.

“Honestly some moms are so genius,” one wrote.

“Saving this for when i become a mum,” said another.

“Did this when we bought a bathroom vanity so great for like 5 days than the box was to big for the house,” a third viewer commented.

“i need that box,” another mom wrote.

“I don’t have kids yet but I’m saving this life hack,” another said.

“My mother used to just get us giant boxes as kids. I lived in a fridge box for weeks,” someone shared their childhood memory in the comment section.

However, some users were not impressed with the idea of putting kids in a box and slammed Gabrielle and mothers who do this.

“When they get bored and break out and use those crayons on the walls just remember it was your fault,” one user criticized.

“Imagine not wanting to hang out with your kids,” a second chimed in.

“This just reinforces that it is okay to draw on walls,” another commented.

“Don’t they have a bedroom to play in?” someone questioned.

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Source: TikTok

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