A Pregnant Woman Tells Her Husband To Save Her Over The Baby And Gets Slammed For It

There are so many decisions to make when you have a baby. There’s more to having a baby than picking a name and color scheme. Do you ever wonder if there were any complications with your pregnancy? Are you going to ask your husband to choose your life over the baby? She asked Reddit what they thought about her asking her partner to save her over the baby, and shared her friends’ negative reactions

We don’t know if the story is true since it’s not verifiable. No matter what, it’s still a topic we think is important! In this situation, how would you act? There’s no easy way out.

The mother was shamed for asking her husband to save her life rather than the baby’s

The following is her Reddit post:

Image Credit: u/Aithana | Reddit

Reddit post went viral and most people agreed with the woman

The comments on the post were generally supportive of the mother. “I strongly support this,” one Reddit user wrote. Women are not just incubators, but people in and of themselves. Any person or institution that believes the [mother’s] life to be secondary is a misogynist.” Others added that it is inarguably her body, her choice, and no one else’s concern.

Parents are certainly placed in a difficult position if they must choose who will survive, however, the notion that moms’ lives are not even worth considering is appalling. The Reddit user and her husband seem to have agreed about what they will do in the event of an emergency. At the end of the day, no one else has any say.

But more importantly, she shouldn’t be made to feel morbid or “negative” for talking to her spouse about things that matter.

“It’s so awful to think about, but your spouse should know what your wishes are during these types of situations. It’s just like end-of-life care, drastic measures to save your life, etc. where your next of kin should know what you want if you can’t. yourself,” one person wrote.

“Those conversations are essential,” the person said, “especially when you’re facing a difficult pregnancy/birth.”

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  1. I believe that this woman and her husband made the right decision and her friends that were so mean to her should be ashamed of themselves for what they said to her! Losing her baby would have been hard enough never mind dealing with those horrible people who had no right to judge! I doubt very much that this man wanted to lose his wife and raise a newborn baby by himself! All the best to this family as they heal from their loss of their precious little one.

  2. It’s none of my business but her and her husband. On that note if given the same situation I will surely lay my life and give a chance to the baby to live because I have already live my life to the fullest. In my belief this is how UNCONDITIONAL LOVE work, to give your whole life to the person you love without asking in return even if it means sacrificing yourself for a greater cause.

  3. I also have gestational diabetes, after finding out from the tests. It’s good to know the situation that I gave up sugar for the safety of the child and me. I started dieting and small portions, fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, I don’t see why she didn’t do the test blood to know that if she has blood sugar and has gained weight and is in great danger. It is the woman’s fault that she consumes sweets or did not want to do tests. My opinion is to do the tests and find out the situation: Whether you have diabetes or not. Important safety of the baby and mom. I apologize for writing so rationally and it is very important to do something serious.

  4. She’s selfish and reprobate. Period.

    Fast-forward this situation five years. She and her child are trapped in a car filling with water, and her husband only has time to save one of them. If she said “save me, not her,” most of you (except for the vile amongst you) would be rightfully calling her a monster. No parent chooses their own life over their child’s. It is quite literally unnatural and disturbing, and shows her singular focus is herself and not those she purports to “love.” Remember, love is putting someone else’s needs ahead of your own.

    1. Not the same because if husband saves the mom then they BOTH have HIGHER chance to save the child in your “what if” scenario

  5. My midwife told me while I was in labor that my husband should save me. You can’t get another me but the possibility of that same person having more children is usually in the cards. I appreciated her point of view considering her whole life is devoted to birthing babies and I took it to heart. So we went with it. I had a healthy baby but I totally understood her point of view.

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