Most Men Are Scared Of Intelligent Women. Here’s why.

Ladies, do you agree?

If you are still a person who believes the brains and smarts are not attractive features in a woman, then you’re still probably stuck in the Middle Ages. Welcome to the 21st century, would you like to join us? In the modern world, there is so much value in being a person of knowledge and information. Plenty of us have so much access to information thanks to new technologies, but very few of us have the drive to actually pursue knowledge and wisdom. That’s why with modern wisdom being such a rarity these days, there’s no denying that those who are well-read and well-informed bear a certain attractiveness in them that is difficult to suppress.

It’s great when you get to meet a person of intelligence. This is a person with whom you can have very insightful and profound conversations about the most complex of topics. These are the kinds of conversations that plenty of us live for; the kinds of conversations that are rare to have with a lot of common people. These are the kinds of conversations that enrich the soul and sharpen the mind. They have the power to give our lives meaning and affirm our existence in a complex world. When we get the opportunity to meet a person of great depth and intellect, we are blessed with the opportunity to form a lasting bond with a person who isn’t afraid of growth or development.

However, the fact of the matter is that plenty of insecure men still exist in the world. When these men encounter women of intelligence, their primal alpha male instincts kick in and they get intimidated. They have disillusioned themselves into thinking that only men bear the right to wield power in this world, and that should a woman possess such power, it should be considered an anomaly. In their minds, the male must always be the dominant force, and so as a result, when in the presence of intelligent women, these men will act on their insecurities by trying to assert their ill-placed intellectual dominance on these women.

Only the strongest and most confident know that they don’t always have to be the smartest person on the relationship. They are perfectly fine with dating a woman of strength, character, and resilience. They understand the positive effects of having a woman at their side who is willing to take charge especially when things get difficult. These are the men who don’t let their egos get the best of them. They know when to swallow their pride and relinquish the role as a leader in the relationship whenever the time calls for it.– Continue reading on the next page

The men who aren’t stuck-up; those who are willing to dive into relationships with stronger and more intelligent women knows that this kind of relationship can have its benefits as well as its downsides. A strong and intelligent woman may have the tendency to rub people the wrong way and come off as someone who is domineering and robotic; a woman who is devoid of emotion and empathy. However, the positives of dating this kind of woman greatly outweigh the potential negatives. When you date a woman who is intelligent and strong-willed, you are assured of a partner who will isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She is someone with whom you will never lose interest. She is a person who has very insightful perspectives about the ways of the world, why things are the way that they are, how they should be.

When we constantly place ourselves in the presence of an intelligent person, we are knowingly placing ourselves in areas of discomfort. These are situations that allow us to push our intellectual capabilities to its limits. Being in the constant presence of intelligent people allow us the freedom to be more introspective and analytical about life. We are placed in haven for independent thought that is devoid of deconstructive judgment. We are in the presence of a person who is open-minded enough to be able to understand our perspective, but also strong enough to call us out when our logic is skewed. When we start to date intelligent people, we unknowingly open so many doors of development for our lives. We are given access to the perspective of a very rare and beautiful mind that isn’t susceptible to manipulation.

When we date a woman of intelligence, not only are we gaining a strong life partner, we are also gaining a mentor and teacher to help us navigate through the treacherous waters of the world. These are the kinds of people who never shy away from a challenge, and they will help push us to become the best possible versions of ourselves. They never settle for mediocrity, and so you can best expect that your relationship is never going to be one that is mediocre as well. Your relationship will be a lot like the mind of your woman; deep, passionate, strong, and exciting.

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