Mother Asks If She’s a Jerk for Telling His Son the House is Dirty & His Wife Needs a Shower

Not all in-laws want the worst for their children – a lot of them mean well but their stories are not heard because of how many negative stories overshadow them. Today’s story is about a mother who told her son to be hygienic and keep a clean house.

The Story

A mother and Redditor, SpiritualProgress938, posted her story on AITA (Am I the A**hole?) to ask if she did something wrong by telling her son that his house is dirty and his wife needed a shower. She wrote:

“I’ve been up all night thinking about this so I hope it makes sense”

“My son and his wife welcomed a baby boy two weeks ago both are 23, my son called me and said would I like to spend a week with them I said as long as it was ok with his wife I’d love too”

“Well I got there he collected me from the airport we talked had lunch then went to his place. When I got there my daughter in law Megan was hurrying around trying to tidy up she told me she only found out that morning I was coming”

“I looked at my son and he went red than said it was time to meet my lasted grand I was walking in I noticed the house was not clean and that Megan hadn’t looked like she showered in days it didn’t sit right with me but I’ve had 12 children so I know things get messy fast especially when you’re tired”

“After meeting the baby my son said ‘I’ll leave you girls to talk I’m just going to pop out for an hour to the gym’ so I asked Megan how she was getting on with motherhood she told me that it was beautiful but she was exhausted with feeds every two hours. It didn’t sit right with me the way she said every two hours so I asked her would she like to nap or do whatever while I look after the baby”

“In my 61 years of living on this earth I’ve never seen an adult fall asleep faster, I looked after the baby for four hours and made lunch till Megan woke up and took a shower”

“After a day of watching my son who’s on paternity do nothing but look at me and Megan when the baby cried. No help with the household work nor cooking which he should be doing all himself because she just had a c section”

“I usually don’t involve myself in my kids relationships but he got on my fucking nerves and no he wasn’t raised like that. So I told Megan she was being a door mat and that she smelled like she had an infection that she needed to be on bed rest and that my son should do 100% of the cooking and cleaning rather that act like a single teenager”

“They had a fight and my son told me I was a Karen and a bitch for calling his home dirty and his wife smelling. Me and Megan didn’t fall out she’s asked me to watch the baby for me day which my daughters and I have paid for but my son who isn’t here said I ruin his marriage and that it’s all my fault his wife isn’t talking to him”

The Responses

Reddit’s community started responding to this mother’s post by supporting her for what she did. For context, NTA means “Not the A**hole.” Here are some of the top comments:

BlackAngelWings317 said:

“NTA. Your son should be helping out. You called him out on his BS and he didn’t like it. That’s his issue. Support his wife as much as you can, and enjoy the time with the new grandbaby”

darthnesss wrote:


“Thank you for helping Megan, it seems she needs you.”

“Now get his a**.”

razzlemcwazzle commented:


“where to even start? your son didn’t tell her you were flying in until the day of. as soon as you get there, he’s off to the gym! it sounds like your daughter in law has been having a miserable time with recovering from surgery, breastfeeding, and not getting any sleep, while your son has just been letting the house get messy.”

“it doesn’t sound like your daughter in law was upset by you. in fact, it sounds like you were exactly what she—and this relationship—needed.”

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What’s Your Take?

What’s your take on this mother’s story? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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