Mother Carries Fatally Ill Baby In Womb For A Full Term To Donate Organs To Those In Need

Rylei Arcadia spent barely a week in this world. But she was able to impact the world in a way that most other people are incapable of doing in a whole lifetime.

Krysta Davis was just like any other expectant mother when she first found out that she was pregnant. She was absolutely ecstatic. The joy that she and her partner felt when they found out that they were expecting was unparalleled. She thought that she was going to be in for a very tough ride with pregnancy, childbirth, and parenthood. But she was up for the challenge. In fact, she was so excited about it. However, when Krysta was 18 weeks pregnant, she was given terrible news that would derail her plans for happy parenthood.


She and her partner were told that their unborn child was suffering from anencephaly – this is a very grave birth defect that indicates a lack of proper growth in the child’s skull and brain. Most cases of this barbaric illness have shown that babies can last for just a few days at best. Naturally, this was a lot to take in. The couple was overwhelmed with this terrible news but they knew exactly what they had to do in spite of all the hardships that they were forced to deal with.

They were both given two choices: they were allowed to either induce labor and deliver their daughter so as not to prolong the agony of pregnancy for a child that would eventually die anyway or they could actually push through with the full term of the pregnancy and just hope for the bust. After consulting with another physician, Krsyta learned that if she decided to carry her baby for a full term, she would be able to donate the infant’s organs to other babies who might be in need of them. That’s all of the information that the couple needed to actually make the decision.

“I may have not been able to take my baby home, but I could maybe use her life to give other mothers the chance to,” Krysta said of the situation.

Almost as if serendipitously, the beautiful baby girl was born on the night before Christmas and she showed substantial strength despite the many odds that she was facing. And of course, Krysta and her partner were so proud to deliver such a wonderful bundle of joy into the world in spite of the circumstances.

Baby Rylei lasted for a full week in this world under the watchful eye of her ever so loving parents. But still, they were forced to say goodbye.

The beautiful baby girl was born on Christmas Eve and immediately defied the odds stacked against her. The new parents soaked up every minute of their time with the precious little girl.

“For nine months, I carried this beautiful soul while her father, our friends, family and myself filled her with love as she grew. I never would have imagined after she was diagnosed with anencephaly that she would bless us with a week of her presence,” wrote Krysta about her baby on her personal Facebook page. “A week of smiles and sounds of protest and snuggles. I wouldn’t trade this week for anything in the whole wide world.”

It’s true that Rylei only lived to be a week old but that didn’t stop her from making a significant impact on the lives of other babies and their own families as well. Krysta said that her heart valves will be used to save the lives of two other babies. Her lungs would also be used for research on the very disease that shortened her own life.

Rylei’s story just goes to show that even though life is short (as was the case for her), it doesn’t have to be insignificant. In fact, a short life can be fully lived so as long as it is a meaningful one. You just have to make sure to surround yourself with people who love you and allow that love to pass through you and onto others.

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  1. If people understood the trauma that those giving their organs go through, they would think twice about this barbaric practice. There is a reason why it is referred to as “live donor” and it’s because the donor is alive during the whole process of their organs being harvested. “Modern medicine” of today is horrid in its unforgivable practices.

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