Mother Discovered that her Son’s Bride was her long-lost DAUGHTER after she Spotted a Birthmark on their Wedding Day

Image Credits: Oriental Daily

Straight out of a movie, it was a reunion that the family certainly did not expect!

The incident occurred in Suzhou, Jiangsu province, China, in March 2021.

A woman met her long-lost daughter after 20 years, and that too at her son’s wedding. Yes, it’s as unusual as unusual can get. According to some, things like this simply do not happen, yet it happened to a family in China.

On March 31, 2021, an elderly woman happily headed to her son’s wedding with her family. Little did she know that she was going to meet her own daughter, who went missing almost two decades ago.

The woman reached the wedding venue with her son and met with the bride’s family. Then came the bride, and they all greeted each other.

The groom’s mother had not met her to-be-daughter-in-law before and had only talked to her once or twice on the phone.

She saw the bride and couldn’t contain her happiness. The girl was beautiful and looked stunning in her wedding dress. While talking to her, she suddenly noticed a birthmark on the bride’s hand.

And instantly, the mark seemed familiar to her, and she kept looking at it throughout their conversation.

Then she approached the bride’s parents and asked if the bride was their “real daughter.”

“Did you, by any chance, adopt your daughter?” she asked.

The parents were amazed at this unexpected inquiry and asked her in return why she was curious all of a sudden.

The woman then explained that she had lost her daughter twenty years ago and told them that she had the same birthmark on her hand as their daughter’s. The parents resisted at first, but then they revealed that the bride was not their biological daughter, and they adopted her when they found her lost on a road one day.

The woman started crying and told them that she was her mother, and she was certain because that birthmark had been engraved on her heart since the girl went missing.

Then she went to the bride and told her that she was her biological mother. This news came as a shock to the girl, and she started crying.

As reported by Times News Now, both ladies cried their hearts out and embraced each other.

The girl was so happy to meet her real mother that she described that moment as “happier than the wedding itself.”

But then she became distraught as apparently, she was the groom’s sister and couldn’t marry him after this shocking revelation.

Upon hearing this, the groom’s mother took a deep breath and called on his son, The Groom.

According to the Oriental Daily report, she explained the whole situation to both of them and made another shocking confession. She told them that the groom was her adopted son. At this moment, everybody was in shock. This meant that both bride and groom were completely unrelated, and they could totally marry each other.

Upon listening to the exceptional story, the guests remained baffled. However, they wished the couple a happy future together and congratulated the family for finding each other.

The couple then exchanged their wedding vows and lived happily ever after.


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Images & Featured Images via Oriental Daily

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