Mother Gave Birth to her First Child at the Age of 66 and Wished to have One More by the Age of 72

This is the story of Adriana Iliescu, who became a first-time mother at the age of 66 and shocked everyone.

In 2005, Adriana gave birth to her daughter Eliza and became the world’s oldest mother of that time.

According to Daily Mail, “She conceived via IVF, courtesy of donated sperm and eggs implanted by a Romanian fertility expert seemingly keen to make medical history.”

“I try not to look in the mirror, because I don’t enjoy it,” she told the British tabloid in an interview in 2010.

According to the outlet, “Adriana is a writer and part-time ­university lecturer in Romanian literature who lives with her daughter Eliza in a two-bedroom flat in the ­Romanian capital, Bucharest.”

She also said that although the mirror tells her otherwise, she felt quite high on energy even at that age and often felt like a young woman full of life.

“The mirror is unkind to women, but if we are talking about my energy then I feel like a young woman. I feel like I’m 27 and when I feel a bit more tired, I feel like I’m 37. I am healthier than women more than half my age.”

The senior citizen added, “People think they are being funny when they call me granny, but I didn’t have Eliza to make me look younger. I never feel my years.”

During her 2010 interview with Daily Mail, Adriana who was 72 at that time expressed her wish to become a mother all over again.

“Medically, it’s possible,” she said. “I ­understand there are trials going on with a 70-year-old woman in England, so it could be done. I am fine and healthy and I think it would be possible to have another child in the future, but I’m not in a rush at the moment.”

Although she wanted another child, her love for Eliza held her back as she shared a strong bond with her and didn’t want to affect that.

“I am so close to Eliza, so bonded with her, I’m not sure I’d be able to ­consider having another child if it actually came to it,” she Adriana.

“Eliza is energetic and fun — a very happy child. She is everything to me and nothing else counts or matters. The child is mine and that’s all I care about, but medically it is not ­impossible for me to have another child,” she insisted again.

“I don’t smoke and I don’t drink. If I live as long as my parents did, Eliza will be 20 by the time I pass away. I think I still have a lot to give her.”

The passionate 72-year-old admitted that she often became so busy with her daughter that she hardly found any time to wash her hair.

“Motherhood is so much more than I hoped for. It is relaxing looking after a child. It’s everything else that’s tiring.”

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Source: Daily Mail

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