MotoGP Superstar, Miguel Oliveira, Marries Stepsister – Announces their First Baby

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Miguel Ângelo Falcão de Oliveira is a well-known MotoGP racer and sports superstar. He is from Portugal. Miguel made history when he won the World Championship at 2015’s Italian Motorcycle Grand Prix – making him the first Portuguese to obtain the title.

Today’s story is about the love of his life, his step-sister from his dad’s second marriage, Andreia Pimenta. Miguel had known her since he was 13; the two shared a very emotional bond ever since and didn’t let the flame die out.

During an interview with Manuel Luis Goucha, Miguel spoke up about his feelings for Andreia:

“At some point, we realized that it was more than a friendship; it’s a very strong love. We were going to get married this year, but that weekend I had a race, and we had to postpone it next year.”

After meeting at 13, the duo started developing a powerful friendship that slowly developed into a relationship. They started dating and kept their relationship secret for eleven years.

The couple finally went public in 2019. In a post on his official Instagram, Miguel wrote:

“This weekend we made the most important curve of our lives. We sealed our love through marriage and we want to share it with you,”

“I feel happy and lucky to share my life with my wife who is my other half. Thank you all.”

The couple got married in 2021, and they recently announced their first baby! They received tremendous support from the community and their loved ones.

MotoGP’s official page also commented on their happy announcement:

“We’re so happy for you and can’t wait to have a new member in the paddock.”

While speaking with Marca, Miguel’s father spoke about the couple:

“I’m happy that my son is getting married to the woman of his life,”

We wish the superstar couple a happy and blessed life ahead! Miguel is unstoppable with his loving and caring wife by his side.


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