Mr. Beast Cures 1000 People Of Blindness

The most subscribed person on YouTube worked with ophthalmologists around the world to help 1,000 blind people see the light again.

For people who don’t know who Mr. Beast is – Jimmy Donaldson, popular as MrBeast, is an American YouTuber and Internet personality famous for his YouTube videos that center on expensive stunts.

His YouTube channel, “MrBeast,” is the fifth-most-subscribed on the platform with 105 million subscribers. Beast also uses Instagram and TikTok and has millions of people following him on both platforms.

Jimmy, now popular as Mr. Beast, first gained public attention when he uploaded a video on YouTube in which he counted 100,000 within 24 hours.

According to an Insider report, “he spends between seven and eight million dollars a month on producing content across his YouTube channels and promoting his businesses.”

“Also, he spends roughly $200,000 a month on both his ‘Beast Reacts’ and ‘MrBeast Gaming’ channels, and roughly three to four million dollars on his main channel.”

The world-famous influencer recently paid for cataract removal surgeries of 1000 people who were either completely blind or near-blind.

Those people could not afford the expensive treatment, but Mr. Beast came to the rescue. Hats off to the brilliant influencer turned philanthropist.

Two days ago, the highest-earning YouTuber uploaded a video on his YouTube channel showing several people getting their bandages removed after their surgeries.

“In this video, we are curing 1000 people’s blindness,” he said at the start of his video. “It’s gonna be crazy.”

Fans could see Mr. Beast sitting alongside a doctor, saying, “They can’t see, but we have all the technology to fix it.”

“Half of all the blindness in the world is people who need a 10-minute surgery,” the surgeon told Mr. Beast.

Isn’t that Crazy?

Jimmy also gifted $10,000 to many patients that got their surgeries done, bought one patient a Tesla, and donated $50,000 to a student’s college fund.

In the video, one of the patients’ name was Charlie, who used to work as a cashier, but then his vision deteriorated until he could no longer work. Charlie and his whole family suffered a major financial crisis due to his blindness.

Mr. Beast showed Charlie’s and his family’s reactions in the video after his surgery, which was amazing.

When the doctor removed his bandage, Charlie became so excited he couldn’t contain his happiness.

Then Mr. Beast gave him $10,000 as a gift, and he broke down into tears. The whole family was seen becoming emotional and sharing a group hug.

Another man told Jimmy that he wanted to look at his son’s face after getting his vision back. When he got his bandage removed, his son was standing in front of him. The older adult became emotional and thanked Mr. Beast.

According to Daily Mail, “The surgery used in the video appeared to be Phacoemulsification, which is one of the procedures Sees specializes in.”

“In the procedure, doctors make a small incision in the eye and vacuum out the eye’s clouded cataract lens, and then insert a new artificial lens. Sufferers from severe cataracts are not entirely blind – they can still see light – but their vision can be so blurry that the basic shapes of objects are indiscernible.”

The whole procedure can cost up to $6,000 if the patient does not have insurance.

But all thanks to Mr. Beast for making it possible for 1000 people to be able to see again.

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Source: Mr. Beast’s YouTube

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