MrBeast Predicts TikTok will Die soon and will be Overtaken by Another Social Media Platform

Jimmy Donaldson, popular as MrBeast, is an American YouTuber and Internet personality famous for his YouTube videos that center on expensive stunts.

His YouTube channel, “MrBeast,” is the fifth-most-subscribed on the platform with 105 million subscribers. Beast also uses Instagram and TikTok and has millions of people following him on both platforms.

Recently, the YouTuber appeared in an episode of the Full Send Podcast and shared his opinions on how TikTok fever will die soon and people will resort to another social media platform.

Speaking to podcast host Kyle Forgeard, Jimmy said that he used to believe any other video-sharing platform would never surpass YouTube. However, he was wrong, and TikTok did beat YouTube.

“What’s your opinion on TikTok? People are saying it’s going to overpass YouTube,” Kyle asked.

“I thought the same but YouTube Shorts, they’ve really taken some huge strides,” Mr. Beast replied.

“So starting in January, if you get like, hypothetically, a billion views on TikTok, whatever that is, that’s like $1,000. A billion views over here on YouTube? I mean, that could literally make you like $100,000,” he said.

“Is TikTok going to adapt to that, you think?” Kyle’s fellow host asked the content creator.  

“Yeah, I think they’re going to be forced to,” he replied.

“Charli [D’Amelio], Addison [Rae] – all these people, if they can just literally do what they’re doing but over on YouTube and make a bag off of shorts and then on top of that, that boosts long form which makes even more money, you’re gonna be crazy to be a TikTok first content creator,” he further explained.

The podcast hosts then asked Jimmy why he was so sure and what if TikTok brought more updated features and redesigned its advertisement strategies.

“You really think TikTok over here printing tens of billions of dollars is just overnight going to go?” the host asked.

“You know what? Half of these tens of billions, we’re just gonna give it away.'” Jimmy insisted.

“All I’m saying is, once this Partner Program kicks into effect on Shorts, I think you’re gonna see a lot of big TikTokers coming over here.”

Mr. Beats’ opinions on ByteDance’s short-form video hosting service received mixed responses, with many people still opining that YouTube will not be able to beat TikTok in the future.

“I genuinely don’t think Youtube can beat TikTok on the Shorts front. Reasoning: The thing that makes TikTok great isn’t the short form videos. It’s the algorithm and having first mover advantage. TikTok seems to be cloning things such as TikTok Now and “BeReal” clone which tells you they are moving aggressively,” one user commented.

“TikTok is also being used 40% more my zoomers as a search engine and taking away market shares from Google. So this now becomes not a just Youtube vs TikTok issue. I think TikTok has room to grow on the Live section and could also start to compete with twitch if they tidy up and categorize lives.”

“I don’t wanna see professional creator content though,” said another.  

“I wanna see funny, random, everyday people’s videos! TikTok algorithm is better.” A third pitched in.

“TikTok is way better than YouTube,” a fourth user wrote.

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Source: Full Send Podcast

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