Mum Hits Back at Trolls After They Slammed Adorable Video of Her Baby Sleeping on the Floor

Social media users have furiously slammed a mum after she posted an adorable video of her little baby girl sleeping on the kitchen floor.

Amanda Reardon from Gold Coast shared a clip of her nine-month-old daughter Sierra who fell asleep on the floor. Although she clarified that it was an impromptu nap and her daughter could fall asleep literally anywhere within seconds, the blogger mommy was met with cruel online criticism.

“If you’ve been a long time follower, you know Sierra sleeps anywhere,” Amanda wrote alongside the video of Sierra taking a nap on the floor with her milk bottle lying beside her.

The video amassed over 6 million views on Instagram and received hundreds of comments from mums and others who blamed Amanda for being irresponsible and not keeping an eye on her child.

“How long was she alone at that age to just find her?” one asked asked.

“Is this normal? I have two kids and neither ever feel asleep randomly in strange places?” a second added.

“And where were you at the time, mother???” asked another.

“Why didn’t you know where she was?” another questioned.

Responding to the trolls, Reardon resorted to sarcasm and wrote some witty replies.

Answering the user who asked where she was the entire time when her daughter was napping on the floor, the blogger wrote, “Sunbathing on my super yacht.” 

And to the one who asked “How long was she alone at that age to just find her?” Amanda replied, “12 hours. She’s super independent, lol.”

Many people defended Amanda by saying it is completely normal for babies to fall asleep on the floor and there’s nothing wrong as long as the floor is clean and the mum knows where the baby is.

“Adorable video. She looks so cute. And calm down folks, she is napping on the floor while her mum knows,” one commented.

“All the people saying watch your kids better obviously doesn’t have kids or they do and they aren’t teaching them independence or self soothing!! My kids would play and fell asleep while playing,” another mum added.

“And I would have left her right there, put a blanket over her and carried on,” a third supporter said.

“Omg these comments are ridiculous. Your baby is beautiful and I love that she falls asleep anywhere!!” said someone else.

One person added that it is normal for babies for fall asleep anywhere and other people shouldn’t make a big deal out of it because her mum obviously knows better. However, they pointed out that Amanda used the word ‘found’ in her caption, which was misleading and triggered parents.

“Yeah, I understand how it might sound. I mean, she wasn’t missing. One moment she was awake, next moment, she was deep asleep,” Reardon clarified.

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