Mum-Of-Two Confessed That She Didn’t Know Why People Use Abbreviations Like 1st and 4th, Faced Backlash On TikTok

Recently a mom of two has discovered the use of abbreviations like 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. She claimed that she didn’t know about this rule until now.

Gemma Lou, a thirty-two-year-old mom of two kids, posted a video on her TikTok account and admitted that she did not know a simple grammar rule that people use 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and so on to abbreviate first, second, third, and so on.

In her video, the UK mom explained that she had just learned about a basic grammar rule; you take the last two letters from the words and place them behind the corresponding numbers.

“At my big age of 32, I have just learnt that the “st” in 1st, “nd” in 2nd and “rd” in 3rd are because they are the last letters of the words “first” and so forth,” she wrote.

As soon as she posted the short video on her TikTok, it became viral, attracting thousands of comments.

Her video received 2.7 million views, 80 thousand likes, and almost 2700 comments.  

Many people commented and made fun of Gemma for not knowing a simple rule.

“This is a joke, right? I can’t process this…. No way is she serious!” One user commented.

“I feel bad for your two children.” Wrote another.

“This is so scary. Children’s intelligence comes from their moms. Here she is casually confessing about how dumb she is and I’m actually worried for her poor kids. Lol God saves them.” An angry user penned.

“Lol, this is happening because these days younger people are not taught real English at school anymore. Standards have been dumped down since the 1970’s. Ask any real old-school teacher.” Someone else said.

“No offense but I am just curious to know what you thought they actually meant.” A person asked.

While most people criticized Gemma for not knowing a basic rule, some also agreed with her and confessed that they had no idea any such rule existed.

“Wait what? Why did I not know this? Feeling so unaware.”

“OMG WHAT?! Absolutely baffled. I think I should revisit my school.”

“Should I have known this? What is this rule?”

“Holy!!!! I just found this after watching your video and I’m 29 years old. Lol, thank you, Gemma. Love xx.”

According to Gemma, she shared something with her followers that she previously didn’t know about. But she was not expecting a simple casual confession to spark such a heated debate on the platform.

In her follow-up story on TikTok, Gemma said that people should understand that not everyone knows everything, and sometimes people are just not interested. She also said that she posted the video on a light note, and there’s no need to send her hate and bring her children into this.

“I shouldn’t have to put this but whether someone knows or doesn’t know there is no need for nastiness, please just remember this is TIKTOK” She pinned her own comment on her viral video.

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