“My boyfriend pays our rent and bills – he doesn’t know I’m the landlord”

In a relationship, honesty and trust are key. This article is based on the opposite. On TikTok, @jaynedoee0 said she’s been living with her boyfriend for about a year, who pays the rent and essentials. This BF literally doesn’t know that she has been taking his rent money since she owns the place.


@jaynedoee0 didn’t tell her boyfriend she owned the house he’s paying rent and bills on.


I’ve lived here with my man for a year now. He pays the rent and all the bills. He has no idea that I own this place and have lived here for five years. “So his direct deposits are going straight to me,” @jaynedoee0 said in a now-viral clip that’s gotten over 2million views and left people divided on whether it’s a good idea.


The duo has been living at the home for about a year now and little does the man know his GF is the landlord. @jaynoee0 has owned the place for 5years, so direct deposits go straight back to her.

In the comments, a lot of people thought she was using her boyfriend and called her actions sneaky and wrong. “That’s wrong.”. He’s just being used. Poor guy.” Someone wrote. One person added: “So she doesn’t pay any of the major bills just milks him for it?”. That’s love, right there. User.” 



As a landlord, she has to pay for upkeep and the mortgage for the property, which isn’t surprising. Her boyfriend’s contributions don’t just go in the pocket, they shared. It’s like you guys think she doesn’t have to pay a mortgage, insurance, and property tax. Another one said: “I mean she still has to pay the mortgage on the building.” Apartment rent doesn’t get pocketed; it goes to taxes and the mortgage.”


  1. Cant help but notice all the people in the comments applauding this are women. So fecking oppressed arent ya all? Pathetic

  2. I do think it’s wrong telling him that they both are renting this property and getting him to pay the rent, that is deceitful and makes you out to be the bitch in the relationship. Yes he should pay his way. I know the rent is being used to pay the mortgage, but with him paying all the mortgage as such in the way he is, if you guys go your separate ways he will still be entitled to part of the house. Especially if you get married and get divorced the judge will see it as him only paying the mortgage he will get the bigger share. You should be open and up front and tell him, it’s your house but you expect him to contribute to the mortgage.

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