My Heart Is Not A Game To Be Played With

You have to be able to earn my heart. You have to allow me the space and time to reflect on whether or not I want to let you inside it. I have to be able to decide whether I want you let you borrow bits and pieces of it every so often.

Hearts are knownto be the strongest muscle in the body. They are primarily responsible forpumping life through our veins. They take the punishment of everyday stress andpressure. They are able to cope with the tough physical demands of our bodyjust so we can go on to breathe another breath; to live another day. Then whyis it that despite the strength of the heart, it still ends up getting hurt alot of times? Why is it such a fragile emotional organ that we are forced toput up with on a daily basis?

Plenty of peoplecan be very inconsiderate every day. They don’t know the full effect that theirwords or gestures can have on other people. I have had many experiences in mylife wherein my heart was treated like some object of a game. My heart is more thanjust a mere object in a game. It’s not like a puck in hockey. It’s not like abat in baseball. It’s not like a club in golf. Love is never a game; and theheart is so much more than just a mere object.

The heart isnever something that people should be treating recklessly. It may play a vitalrole in the lives of many people, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t vulnerable.A heart can be susceptible to damage just as much as anything else in thislife. The heart is not something that should be toyed with; it’s not somethingthat should be played with; it’s not something that should be manipulated. Theheart is what makes a person and when you choose to disrespect the heart, youare undermining the entire person too.

My heart is myown personal possession. It is the most prized aspect of my body. I take greatpride in having a heart like mine. My heart is a heart that has empathy forother people. My heart is a nurturing heart that always wants to be of genuineservice to others. My heart is a sensitive heart that always understandsfeelings and emotions well. But the most important thing that you have toremember about my heart is that it is mine, not yours. You have no right to betaking it out of my chest for examination without my consent. You can’t be justswishing it around in your hands just for fun. You can’t be treating it like achild’s plaything. You can’t just choose to hold it whenever you please andthen drop it whenever you’re not in the mood anymore. You have to be able torespect my heart because it is an extension of me. I am not some piece ofproperty. I am not a prize to be won or inherited. I am a human being with abeating heart that is not up for grabs.

You have to beable to earn my heart. You have to allow me the space and time to reflect onwhether or not I want to let you inside it. I have to be able to decide whetherI want you let you borrow bits and pieces of it every so often. You have to bepatient and you have to let me make that decision. You can’t rush me into doinganything that I don’t want to be doing with my heart. It’s my heart and youropinion shouldn’t matter when it comes to deciding what I want to do with it.Yes, you also let me some bits and pieces of your heart every once in a whilebut I felt that something was off. I never thought it to be as genuine as youmade it out to be. But still, I tried to trick myself into trusting you. Iwanted so hard to believe that you were someone who was worth sharing my heartwith. And so I tested the waters. I gave you bits and pieces, but you wereaggressive. You took my whole heart without my consent. You lied, cheated, andstole your way to my heart and then when you were tired of playing with it, youleft it in the dust.

I just don’treally understand how you could do such a thing. I don’t understand why this isthe position you have chosen to take on love and romance. I don’t understandhow anyone could possibly ever want to treat another human being in that way.This is a reminder to you that my heart, despite its flaws and imperfections,is not something that you can just belittle. My heart isn’t just something thatyou diminish or destroy. Only I have a say when it comes to determining theworth of my heart. Only I have complete control over my body. So while it’s notokay for me that you chose to just play with my heart, I have learned to livewith it and move on from it. You know why? 

Because my heart can take it. Myheart is strong because I have willed it to be. I will not let the likes of youwin. My heart will come back stronger and you won’t get to be there when itshines its absolute brightest. 

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