My Husband Had a Vasectomy at 34 So We Can Stay Child-Free – We Like Being Selfish

A young Aussie couple is child-free by choice and calls themselves a DINK couple – Dual Income, No Kids.

Indi, 25, and her husband Heraldo, 34, have been together for five years and live their best life without kids – they go on holidays, take naps together, enjoy working out, and go for spontaneous dinner dates.

The Sydney couple take extreme birth control because they don’t want children in their lives, as kids are super expensive and come with a lot of responsibility.

Indi and Heraldo want to be selfish and spontaneous in their lives and enjoy to the fullest without any burden and extra responsibilities.

“I’m selfish and choose not to have kids because of it,” said Indi, a makeup artist and business coach.

“I’d rather be selfish without kids than have them and still want to be selfish. I want to take a nap whenever I want. I want to go for dinner when I want. I don’t think I could afford kids.”

Last month, Heraldo got a vasectomy with the full support of Indi, as the couple didn’t want to grow their family by having children.

“My husband got the snip so we can live forever in our DINK era. The DINK lifestyle is a bit selfish – in the best way,” she added.

Meanwhile, Heraldo said he wants to focus on his career and live a stress-free life with his wife and with kids, but he thinks he won’t be able to do that.

“I can focus on what I want – my career, my commitment as a husband, and helping others,” he said. “The DINK lifestyle allows me to almost get my childhood back and enjoy a stress-free life.”

“Your life is yours. Everyone else already lived their life by their design, so don’t let them dictate what you do with your opportunity. Life is a gift, so use it to write your own story.”

The couple met in April 2018 when Indi was working at a bank, and Heraldo had just moved to Australia as a cleaner after taking a break from his service in the Chilean Army.

“He was in the military and came to Australia to learn English. He ended up not going back,” Indi told SWNS. “We spoke about kids in the first few months of dating – so we knew we were on the same page.”

In November 2020, Heraldo asked Indi to marry him, and the couple tied the knot in August 2022.

According to Heraldo, who now works as a car salesman, he grew up looking after his younger siblings, so he clearly knows that kids are a big responsibility.

“As an adult, I finally feel like now I can choose to be childfree and say goodbye to the responsibilities that were burdened on me as a child,” he explained. “It is my chance to enjoy a carefree life.”

Both Indi and Heraldo love their lives where they can do whatever they want and whenever they want. They usually make spontaneous plans to go on holidays and according to them they live a life like that if they become parents.

“It’s the ability to be spontaneous. If we want a lie in we can. If we want to visit friends we can do that,” Indi said. “I want peace and quiet and kids are noisy. I don’t see how a child would fit into our life.”

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Source: SWNS

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