Mystery Lottery Winner Keeps $30 Million Jackpot a Secret from his Wife and Kid, says it’d make them Lazy

A Chinese man won a jackpot worth $30 million and decided to keep it a secret from his family for a hilariously weird reason.

After winning the cash prize, the man went to collect his prize money dressed as a cartoon character. Not only this, but he also chose not to reveal his name and instead used the pseudonym Li.

According to Bloomberg, Mr. Li won from Southern China 219 million Yuan in the lottery and said he did not want to let his wife and kid know about this win because the money could make them lazy and arrogant.

“The incognito victory occurred October 24 after the fortunate fellow, who identified himself only as Mr. Li, went to collect a whopping 219 million yuan ($29.9 million) ticket in Nanning, Guangxi,” the outlet reported.

“He reported to the lottery office alone dressed as a yellow mascot — a common practice among Chinese lotto winners trying to conceal their identity from the public.”

The shocking thing is he wants to hide the money from his own family like who would benefit from the money if not his wife and kid, huh, Li?

According to China Morning Post, Li has donated five million Yuan to charity and has no plans to inform his family about the lottery.

“I didn’t tell my wife and child for fear that they would be too complacent and would not work or work hard in the future,” he told Nanning News.

He said he bought forty lottery tickets for the draw, and they all had the same seven numbers for the draw.

“He is a ‘loyal fan’ of the lottery and had bought tickets regularly for over a decade. He had chosen the same seven numbers for the past few years because they looked pleasing to him. This time, the loyalty to those numbers paid off massively.” – China Morning Post quoted.

“I only won a few dozen yuan in the past. I regard buying the lottery as a hobby, and my family does not care. Plus, I do not spend much money on it, and the lottery provides a ray of hope for me,” he said.

On October 21, Li found out that he finally got lucky. After not believing it at first and spending a sleepless night at home, he took a train and traveled to Nanning the next morning.

“I stayed in a hotel for the weekend before picking up the prize money at the Guangxi Welfare Lottery Distribution Centre on October 24,” he recalled. “I slept in the hotel during those two days. I did not go outside that weekend because I did not want to lose my tickets.”

Li said of how he plans to spend the money, “I haven’t decided yet, and I will take some time to plan how to use the money.”

He further said that despite not telling his wife about his colossal fortune, the prize money would remain a joint asset between the couple.

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Sources: China Morning PostBloombergNew York PostFeatured Image Credits: Guangxi Welfare Lottery Center

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