Natural Beauty Triumphs: Dental Nurse, 26, Wins Historic Makeup-Free Pageant!

A dental nurse named Natasha Beresford, who is 26 years old, won a special beauty contest. In this contest, the rule was not to wear any makeup. It’s called a “make-up-free” beauty pageant. Natasha smiled her way down the runway and became Miss London 2023 in the regional part of the Miss England competition. This was the first time in 95 years that someone won without using any makeup.

In the past, people who joined this competition had to show pictures of themselves without any filters or fancy makeup. But this time, contestants couldn’t even wear lip gloss.

The people running the contest wanted to make women feel strong and confident. They also wanted to show that it’s okay to look natural, without a lot of makeup. Natasha wore a pretty white dress made by Shikoba Bride, a company that makes wedding dresses in a way that’s good for the environment and fair to the workers. She won the Miss London contest, and now she’ll go on to compete in the Miss England final, which happens later this year.

In 2021, Natasha Beresford began her job as a dental nurse at the Royal London Dental Hospital. People at the hospital called her a “real-life tooth fairy” because she helped children get dental care.

Natasha is originally from Sheffield, but now she lives in London. She works at a fancy dental office in a nice part of London called Chiswick.

“I find my job really rewarding, over the years I have worked in the NHS, as well as private and urgent care dental practices,” she told the media. “For the future, I would like to do further training in dental radiography and oral health education.”

“I also plan on volunteering with Dentaid for their UK outreach dental clinics, where they provide dental care and oral health advice for people experiencing homelessness, survivors of abuse, families in poverty, refugees, cancer patients and people recovering from addiction.”

Meanwhile, Ms Beresford stated, “I am thrilled to have been selected as Miss London. All the girls that competed are so beautiful and truly inspirational, so it was an honour to be chosen. I hope to use my title to inspire young women and girls to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin without makeup.”

Nineteen people walked down the runway without any makeup. They wore their own boho-style clothes, which were made in a way that’s good for the environment. Some of the contestants who didn’t win but did well included Afrose Ameen, who is 23 and studies engineering. She worked on the Elizabeth Line for the London Underground.

Another contestant, Temi Adeyemi, who is 26 and works in accounting, also did great. Another young contestant, 17-year-old Alanta Richards, studying beauty therapy, made it to the top five. The winner chosen by the public was Lauren Malone, who is 26 and runs her own company. She’ll compete in the Miss England final with the other four women.

The beauty contest happened at the Taj 51 Buckingham Gate Suites and Residences in London. It was supported by the Cetuem London natural skincare brand.

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