Never do these 13 things unless you’re ready to be in a relationship

Please save the other person’s feelings and don’t get involved unless you start doing these things!

Being in a relationship has more duties than you officially realize. Sure, it is all rainbows and sunshine; but the going to long walks hand in hand with the moon and stars as your guides, having candlelight dinners and funny Valentines – all of that stays fresh and fun to do for a while. But alongside all these things, there are responsibilities you have to fulfil so that the relationship stays strong enough to have all those fun things for.

There are traits you need to be sure you possess before you take the major step of starting a life with someone. It can overwhelming at times, having to cope with their issues alongside yours. Are you sure you are ready for that? There will be loads of compromises you have to make for the sake of your partner’s happiness.

Are you sure you want to? A whole lot of others things need to be check-listed before you go on to make major relationship decisions, such as moving in together. He might want to move to a new place altogether. You might want to get a new, less hectic job once you both are committed to each other.

The choices are endless, time not so much. Therefore, you have a small window to evaluate your haves and have-nots if you really want to be with someone. Whether your partner is too demanding of you or not, you need to consider that as well and criss-cross your plans with that. All such things combined will tell you if you are ready to the step and get into a serious relationship.

So here are a few things you should never do unless you think you are actually ready to commit yourself to the relationship. If you think you are there then sure, take the leap of faith and start a good, healthy relationship with the person you love. Otherwise, consider giving yourself some time to be ready for such things.

  1. Socialise with new people

When you fully commit to someone in a relationship, you kind of commit to everyone else associated with them. Their parents, grandparents, cousins, relatives and friends etc. So get ready to socialise with a whole bunch of new people. That can be overwhelming. It is something you will not be able to do like the back of your hand unless and until you’re sure you want to commit yourself to the relationship.

  1. Be really selfless

Never settle for a relationship if you cannot stand at that level where you care more about that person than you do for yourself. You will have to go on loads of dates with them; buy them cute presents on every occasion; look after them no matter how busy your own life is and so forth. That is a big responsibility now, one you cannot fulfil properly if you aren’t ready. – Continue reading on the next page

  1. Tell everyone you’re committed

This is a claim you cannot make openly unless you are at that place where you feel good referring to your partner as your partner, not as your friend. You should not hide your relationship from the world. You should be eager to tell everyone about this amazing person you have fallen for. That isn’t to say they are a piece of gold you should brag about, but still. Hiding their worth in your life is a no-go if you are serious about them.

  1. Compromise

Perhaps the biggest step to take in a relationship, it cannot happen if you aren’t ready to commit fully to the relationship…no matter how much chemistry you two share. Fights and arguments etc are inevitable when you share a life with someone.

When that happens, you don’t want to stay in that frustration for a long time till your face turns blue from heated arguments, now do you? In moments like those, the golden principle of compromise will work wonders. That’s something you can’t develop overnight unless you’re fully ready to be in a relationship.

  1. Put an end to the flirting

You might have a playful personality, but once you’re committed to someone you are in it for good. You might flirt with others without the intention to be with thembut they might not harbour the same intention now will they? If you are going to date someone, you shouldn’t act flirtatious with others; because it’s not fair to your partner nor to the people you are leading on using that flirty nature.

  1. Make time for them

Being in a relationship is going to be extra hard for you when you are so busy with work, you don’t have time for your partner. Then you need to rethink whether dating is really you’re thing. Even if you only see them for a short amount of time after you get off of work every other night, you need to make time for your partner. – Continue reading on the next page

  1. Good communication

No matter how busy they may seem to you, your partner will want to hear about your day. Good communication is a part of healthy relationships. Unless you actually think you are ready to be in a committed relationship, having good and effective communication is something you cannot do. It is only when you are at that mental stage to be with someone who you feel comfortable to talk things out with them. Otherwise it’s a hard road.

  1. Your presence matters

You might want to have your alone time. But you cannot expect to keep a lot of that going when you are with someone. You have to let them in on completely. So if you think you are not ready to let someone invade your personal space like that, you are not on the same page of the relationship as your partner is.

  1. Invest some effort during sex life

If you thought being in a relationship means expecting your partner to make your sex life a bit interesting, while you do nothing all that time you thought wrong. You have to do as much for them as they do for you. It goes both ways.

When both of you are in that place in the relationship where you both feel the need to make your sex life just as interesting, it’ll be a good thing in the long run of things. Otherwise, you need to evaluate whether you really want to be there or not. – Continue reading on the next page

  1. Try new things with your partner

When you really commit to someone, you will make exceptions for them, simply because they just mean that much to you. You will watch their favorite show with them which you don’t even like. You will listen to them talk about sports even if you are not that sporty.

Because the things we do for love and friendship. When you want to be with someone, you have to share new experiences with them and try out different things with themonly if you are sure about all of it to begin with.

  1. Help them out no matter what

You cannot force your partner to do all the chores when you are practically living there with them. Sometimes you have to chip in with them. When it comes to your friends, you still know at the back of your head that they will get out of it somehow. But when you live with someone and date them and probably want to end up with them, it becomes inevitable that you help them out and vice versa.

  1. Make last-minute decisions with them

It is only when you care about someone very much that you will trust their word over yours when it comes to making last-minute decisions. If you are not ready to take this step then you might want to reconsider your choice to be with someone. When you feel like you love your partner deep enough, you will want to trust them enough that given you have doubts about the reliability about your decision, you will give them the lead. Unless you feel you trust them at that kind of level, rethink about your want to be in a relationship.

  1. Take the relationship very, very seriously

This is all the above facts and points accumulate to. When you guys have a fight, sort through it. When the question about the ‘define the relationship’ comes, answer it thoughtfully. When plans are needed to be made about your future together, put all focus and energy into it. Take every major and minor aspect of the relationship very seriously.

Know where you stand.

Now all this is also something you cannot be ready to go until and unless you are absolutely sure about wanting to be with someone. It will go a long way, so make the right choice. Not just yours but your partner’s life choices will be affected by your decision as well. Keep it in mind when you decide you want to be with someone and share your life with them.

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