Never Do These 15 Things For A Man (Even If You’re Madly In Love With Him)

Love is wonderful, but it’s important to remember to love yourself too. In a loving relationship, you don’t need to make big sacrifices or changes that make you unhappy. In this article, we’ll talk about fifteen important things to remember when you’re in love. These tips will help you have a happy and healthy relationship without giving up who you are.

Let’s look at these important tips for a better and balanced love life.

1. Lose Weight

Losing weight should be for your health, not just for a man. It’s important to stay fit and active, but don’t change yourself drastically to please someone. If he loves you, he’ll appreciate you as you are.

2. Leave Lifelong Friends

Friends are a vital part of life. Don’t ditch them just for a man. A good partner will understand your need for friends and support your relationships with them.

3. Change Your Core Values

Don’t abandon your core values and beliefs just to please a man. A strong relationship should be built on shared values and mutual respect for each other’s differences.

4. Sacrifice Your Independence

Maintain your independence and don’t become overly reliant on a man. It’s crucial to have your own identity, interests, and financial security.

5. Lower Your Standards

Standards are like your personal rules for a healthy relationship. Never compromise them just to keep a man. Stick to what’s important for you, and you’ll find someone who appreciates and respects your standards.

6. Neglect Your Well-Being

Your physical and emotional well-being should always be your top priority. Don’t neglect your health or happiness for the sake of a relationship. A good partner will support your well-being.

7. Change Your Core Values

Don’t abandon your core values and beliefs just to please a man. A strong relationship should be built on shared values and mutual respect for each other’s differences.

8. Tolerate Disrespect or Abuse

Never tolerate disrespect or abuse from a man, even if you love him. Love should never justify mistreatment. Seek help if you’re in an unhealthy relationship.

9. Become Someone You’re Not

Authenticity is vital in a relationship. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not just to fit a certain image. A loving partner will accept and love the real you.

10. Suppress Your Opinions

Don’t hold back your opinions or thoughts to avoid conflicts. Healthy communication in a relationship means sharing your views, even if they differ from his.

11. Abandon Your Education or Career

Your education and career are essential for your personal growth and financial independence. Don’t give them up for a man. A supportive partner will encourage your professional development.

12. Give Up Your Financial Independence

Maintain control over your finances and don’t rely solely on a man for financial support. Financial independence provides security and freedom in a relationship.

13. Neglect Your Hobbies and Interests

Maintain your hobbies and interests that make you happy. These activities are a part of who you are and can bring balance to your life.

14. Settle for Unhappiness

Never settle for an unhappy or abusive relationship just because you love him. Love should bring happiness, not misery. Seek help and support if you’re in an unhealthy situation.

15. Giving Up Your Dreams

Your dreams are what make you unique and happy. Don’t abandon them for anyone. In a loving relationship, your partner should encourage your dreams and help you achieve them.

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    1. Any man I am with will have to understand Family is huge. I would never give up my family for anyone

      1. Damn Steve I think your on the wrong website maybe you shouldn’t be Is stocking whoever it is on this pay you are stocking

    2. My family is your family that should be his mindset it’s a collective effort and readiness to compromise. Adjust and never give up on the ones you love 💕

  1. There’s a lot repeated on this list so it’s not really 15 things. 1 is actually repeated the exact same way only a couple lines down & the rest are just worded lil differently. It makes it seem like the article needed to be a certain amount of words or something to be accepted & takes away from it. Not really fair to the writer. Otherwise it was a great list & very true.

  2. For me personally, I’ve been through domestic abuse and the biggest mistake I made was letting a man make me feel that I was less than him and that I needed him . He also told me I’d never get anyone else because I was older than him and that I should be thankful he even looked at me. Yes I left him eventually but he took so much from me, he took my life and I can’t write why but I’m still healing from him

    1. Michelle, Just take one day at a time….thank god you left him. I lost a close female friend last year, as I believe that the man she was with physically, emotionally, and mentally abused her to her death. She was 50. She left 6 children and several grandchildren…If you need help find it, talk with friends, family…and me if you want- I will listen.

    2. Wow, your comment will help
      Others and this article can be helpful as it is important for us to know our value/worth to the right man.

  3. Sounds like a narcissist. They manipulate everything back to you that it’s your fault, when it’s ALL his.

    1. So very true. I was married to a abusive, manipulative narcissist for 27 years. They will NEVER see the real reason they treat us terribly- it is ALWAYS our fault. They will likely NEVER change. I kept my “rose colored” glasses on for too long- I thought if I prayed enough & always did the the right thing that he would SEE his horrible ways….HE DIDN’T!! Thankfully I left before he killed me. I believe if I had stayed, I would not be here now. It’s been 13 years that I have been FREE! I will be in therapy forever but I AM GREAT!! I am FINALLY living my best life!n

    2. Everything in a marriage , or friendship is always HALF your fault. Neber more ne er less, the man or women you are claiming at fault is also the person you chose. That’s half your fault unless you relationship is a result of an arrange marriage? Or you were forced to have children with a man? Women are too important to the mental and emotional health of our society to be resorting to victims mentality, lady’s. Our society is not meant fir single 50+ year old women either. I advise you look at the statistics on hoe you will pay your bills after you’re too old to work? Before your grandmother relied solely on her husbands , estate, pension and life insurance well into her 100s . It’s said only women who have 2 million dollars in the bank at 60 years old can truly say she “doesn’t need to marry a man.” That’s 1% of latinas, the rest will be homeless or a burden on their children. SSI depletes in 2035 , right when Gen x will need it the most lady’s good luck I hope you find companionship some day soon
      . xD

  4. Don’t know why tolerated physical, mental and emotional abuse from my husband. He said certain gf is not good but his guy friends sleep and cheat on their wives ok for him. He meet his friends everyday to talk passive income opportunity but if I questioned it be a fight. Why am I not leaving him? I will I guess

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