Never Forget Who Ignored You When You Needed Them And Who Helped You Before You Even Had To Ask

Choose the people who choose you. As you make your way through this life, you are always going to want to perpetuate love wherever you can. You are going to want to stay positive with everyone that you met. You are always going to want to see the good in people. You are always going to want to choose that people are inherently good.

Because you don’t want to constantly be hounded by negativity. You don’t always want to be thinking that people are out to get you. You want to think that people are always worthy of your love; and that even though some people can make a few mistakes here and there, they should always be worthy of your forgiveness. And that’s a really noble way to go about life.

That’s a really nice way to just carry yourself as you interact with everyone that you encounter on a daily basis. There is never going to be enough good in this world, and you are always going to want to be a bastion for good. You are always going to want to spread positivity wherever you end up in life.

However, you can’t be so naïve either. You can’t always be thinking that people are ALWAYS going to treat you well. Because the fact of the matter is that we’re all imperfect. We aren’t always going to make the right decision and do the right things in this life. We aren’t always going to do all the good things that you might expect people to do. And that’s a fact. That’s why you can’t allow yourself to get so reckless. You can’t allow yourself to be so careless. You can’t open yourself up to people who are only going to hurt, abuse and manipulate you.

You can’t allow people to just walk all over you. You can’t let people just harm you and take advantage of you. Yes, you want to open yourself up to people as much as possible. But you also have to look out for yourself. You don’t want to end up broken and battered. You don’t want to end up used up and discarded like a mere plaything. You are a human being and you need to protect yourself as well. You also need to be looking out for your own well-being. You have to know that it’s okay for you to be a little bit selfish.

Because at the end of the day, you only have so much of yourself to give. You only have so much love inside of you – and that’s why you have to be more judicious. If you give too much love to those who don’t deserve it, you might not have any left to give to those who are closest to you. If you give too much of yourself to those who really don’t deserve it, then you risk not having anything left to give anyone else at all. You need to start choosing people who choose you.

You can’t always be giving all of yourself to the people who want nothing to do with you. You can’t keep devoting too much of your time and energy on toxic people who only make your life worse. You can’t just keep making space in your life for those people who bring out the worst in you; the people who turn you into a cold and bitter person. That’s why you should always take note of the people in your life who are worth keeping. You should always make time for the people in your life who are actually worth making time for. You should always keep to heart the many kind gestures and expressions of love that certain people have given you throughout your life.

As you make your way through this world, you are going to go through your fair share of ups and downs. And you’re going to need certain people there to help give you strength. You are going to need the support, companionship, and motivation that certain people are going to give you.

And it’s very important that you remember these people. It’s important that you take note of those people who actually showed up and helped make a positive difference in your life. These are the people who are worth rewarding with your love, time, and attention. These are the people who you should be devoting a lot of your energy to. These are the people who are deserving of your affections.

And also, remember those who didn’t show up when you needed them the most; the ones who only showed up when it was convenient for them to do so. Perhaps these people aren’t worth your time after all.

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