Never Make Your Partner Feel These 10 Things

Having a good and happy relationship with your partner is something most people want. But it’s not just about what you do right; it’s also about what you shouldn’t do. In this talk, we’ll look at ten important things you should avoid making your partner feel. These include things like not showing appreciation or not listening. Understanding these things and trying not to do them can help make your relationship stronger and more loving.

1. Never Make Them Feel Like You Take Them for Granted

It’s important to express your appreciation in a relationship. You can do this with simple acts, like saying “thank you” or giving them a pleasant surprise, like their favorite treat. This helps them feel important and not like they’re just a secondary part of your life.

2. Never Make Them Feel Unimportant

Your partner should feel like they come first. Pay attention when they talk, set aside time for them, and be sincerely interested in what they think and feel. Making them feel important strengthens your connection and lets them know you truly care.

3. Never Make Them Feel Unloved

Show your love often. Small displays of affection, like hugs, kisses, and kind words, can remind your partner of your love. Not doing these things can make them feel unloved and distant.

4. Never Make Them Feel Insecure

Be supportive and boost your partner’s self-esteem. Avoid actions or words that could make them doubt themselves.  Support their goals and be there for them when things get tough to help prevent insecurity.

5. Never Make Them Feel Alone

Emotional presence is just as vital as physical presence. Make an effort to engage with your partner, understand their feelings, and be there during both good and bad times. Feeling alone in a relationship can be distressing, so ensure they always feel your support.

6. Never Make Them Feel Ignored

When your partner talks, make an effort to really listen. Ignoring their worries or not being attentive can be painful. Have meaningful conversations and show a real interest in their life, thoughts, and feelings.

7. Never Make Them Feel Disrespected

Treat your partner with respect and courtesy. Avoid belittling or insulting them, especially in front of others. Respect their opinions and choices, even if you disagree. Making your partner feel respected is crucial for maintaining a healthy relationship.

8. Never Make Them Feel Unappreciated

Acknowledge their efforts and contributions to the relationship. Saying “I appreciate you” or showing gratitude for what they do can go a long way in making them feel valued. Feeling unappreciated can lead to resentment, so be sure to express your appreciation.

9. Never Make Them Feel Unheard

Communication is key. Make sure your partner’s opinions and needs are heard and considered. Failing to listen or disregarding their concerns can lead to frustration and resentment. Make an effort to communicate openly and resolve issues together, making them feel heard and understood.

10. Never Make Them Feel Controlled

Allow your partner the room and freedom to be who they are. Trust is the basis of any relationship, and trying to control what they do or decide can weaken that trust. Promote their independence and unique qualities.

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