Man Ruins Perfectly Good Relationship by Asking for a Paternity Test

A woman left her boyfriend of three years after he asked for a paternity test for their child.

Taking to Reddit, a woman revealed that she was perfectly happy in her relationship after becoming a mother to his boyfriend’s baby boy. However, one day, he asked for a paternity test completely out of the blue.

“I’m a new mom to a baby boy who is my pride and joy, and though it’s been a rollercoaster adjusting to taking care of a baby, the past few months have been great, tiring but great.”

“I have a bf of 3 years who is the first person relationship-wise I have ever loved, and I thought we were doing great as new parents but also as partners,” she wrote.

The woman explained that their son is the mirror image of her partner when he was his age. But still, he wanted to ensure that the baby was his.

“Friday, he came home and he asked me for a paternity test. Just like that, it was completely out of the blue. I was putting away the dishes and he asked for one, like he was asking what was for dinner. I’m a different race from him but our child, apart from the skin tone, is literally his mirror image from pictures I had seen of him when he was a baby.”

“I was stunned when he asked and his reasons were that he had to be sure he was the father, he had to have that certainty. All I remember as he was speaking is just immediately feeling pain.”

OP said that she got really hurt after listening to his demand since that was a clear indication of the fact that he didn’t trust her.

“The man I love doesn’t trust me. He would actually believe that I would fuck someone else, cheat on him, and then try to pass off another man’s baby as his. I have never ever given him reason to think I would cheat on him. I have tried to be transparent and communicated and it wasn’t enough.”

“He told me he would give me time to think about this, that he wouldn’t go behind my back and do this test but for our relationship to move forward, he needs to be 100% sure. He repeated this because he, in his words, “needed me to realize how serious he was. “”

So, after thinking for a few days, OP decided that she would get a paternity test, and once she proved that he was the father of their baby, she would leave him – for good.

“After thinking for a couple of days, I’m going to allow him this paternity test because I have nothing to hide. I never cheated and would have never cheated on him. Once it’s proven that he’s the father, I’m ending it, leaving the same day and I am going to try my best to be a cooperative co-parent with him.”

She continued, “In the meantime, I’m coming up with my exit plan, a place to live, and a lawyer to work out a custody arrangement and court.”

“I can’t even tell my family or my friends right now because they would go nuclear and my first priority is our child. I hope the test was worth it to him.”

The woman concluded her post by saying she never thought she would face such a situation in her so-called “perfect” relationship.

“I’m not asking for advice or reassurance or to explain his side. I just, I’m just realizing this part of my life is now over. What a way to start the new year, huh.”

People in the comment section were left divided in their opinions – while some slammed the boyfriend for not trusting the mother of his child, others asked OP to talk to him and check if he was the one guilty of cheating on her.

“Did you ask what suddenly made him change his mind? Who is he talking to?” one asked.

“I’m thinking a group of friends got into his head and he’s not going to expect her to leave, especially as he said, “For this relationship to go forward…” a second wrote.

“May I offer another option: cheaters are always paranoid of being cheated at OP, consider this too” a third commented.

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Source: Reddit

  1. I think you are doing the best for yourself and your child to end it after proven him (the father) wrong. If hi doesn’t believe he can trust you, then I believe you won’t be able to trust him fully. And I think the best for you and your child is to move on without him (the father).
    I myself had a similar experience with the father of my 2 oldest kids (they are now 15 and 12 years old)
    Making long story short, I proved him wrong and got full custody of the children. I couldn’t and wouldn’t allow him to me poorly just because he had trust issues.
    – I live in Sweden

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