New Study Suggests Marriages Now Last Only For 8 Years

Let’s say you got married in 2010. It was a great day, and you have the pics to prove it. Do you think you’ll still be married?



According to this study, the average first marriage lasts seven years in the US. People get married a second time, which can also lead to divorce. Third marriages have a 73% chance of ending, and second marriages have a 60% chance of ending. As someone gets married, the odds increase.

Looking at things more locally shows that some places are outliers, even though seven years is the national average. Oklahoma has the highest divorce rate, at 65%, while Hawaii has the lowest divorce rate, at 20%.

What Makes Marriages End After Seven Years?

There are lots of things that can cause a marriage to end, like:

  • There are more marriages in some states
  • The couple was a poor match and later made the right choice
  • Divorce is old enough for kids to understand
  • A spouse goes to prison or jail
  • Affair
  • Excessive debt or financial strain

The highest age range for divorces is 25-39, and most divorces happen at 30.

What’s the divorce rate?

Nearly half of the marriages end in divorce. According to some studies, this trend is changing, possibly because:

  • People get married later (so they have time to pick partners carefully)
  • Marriage is less of a social or religious requirement
  • Legally, couples in domestic partnerships and long-term partners don’t have to marry anymore

You and Divorce

Statistics show your marriage could end a lot sooner than you thought it would. Your legal rights are important when a divorce is on the horizon.

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