5 things that are totally normal for women but irritate men

Yes, ladies, these things are kind of irritating for men.

So I was just sipping coffee with my partner when we started to discuss what irritates us about each other or about the opposite sex, in general. What followed next was a list of the most random things we didn’t even realise we did on a daily basis that irritates the other.
Check these out and do this little exercise with your partner as well. It will surely give you both a moment of laughter together.


In no country of the world will you find a man who is comfortable talking about a woman’s menstrual cycle, unless he is a doctor.
Anything even close to the topic gives men jitters.
A. the whole concept of it is very alienating for them. They have no idea what happens where exactly. I’d say it’s the fear of the unknown.
B. The mood swings, as soon as they realise their partner is PMSing, every step they take from that moment onwards is well sought and well thought because if they don’t, the wrath of all those hormones flowing in their partner’s body will unleash their wrath on him.
C.As much as they deny, men are very sensitive to this womanhood situation. They really don’t get why their partner has to go through that much pain. Out of concern, they start suggesting solutions which often turn out to be the most random solutions that make no sense to women.
At the end of it, they feel like fools and now have an upset partner.
So try not to discuss this natural womanhood phenomenon in front of them. Let’s try not to bug them unless we really want to. 


Before I elaborate, I don’t mean that crying is bad or good but excess of anything can start to irritate anyone. Women being more sensitive often express themselves by crying. Whether it’s winning or losing, Happiness or sorrow women just let their emotions out. Now why is this so irritating for men? Well, men or your partner doesn’t usually cry a lot and when he does, he would barely do it in front of you. As for women, they don’t mind letting their emotions out. This leaves the man in an awkward situation where he automatically has the responsibility to comfort you and to also fight off the weird stares he gets from people around you both, as if he made you cry.
Also, constant crying makes men used to it, as harsh as that sounds, that’s the rule of nature. Too much of anything and your partner will get used to it.
Save the tears. So when you let your emotions out he doesn’t get irritated in fact knows something is wrong and he has to be there for you.


Women organise everything. From kitchen drawers to the sock drawer they like it in a manner that only makes sense to them. For e.g: women might organise their sock drawer according to the colour, least favourite to the most favourite or from the most used colour to the least. It makes complete sense to a woman and has zero logic to men. Men just want stuff to be ˜there’ when they are looking for it. That’s it.
So, suddenly when you organise their table or some personal space it completely baffles them.
Even if things are kept right in front of them, on the table, they still won’t be able to find it.
Next time when you do it, have him stand there. That way you can simply ask and tell what goes where!


Many times I saw my father this as a joke but recently my other half came to me and stopped my hand while I was applying mascara. He made me sit down and asked me why do I make myself go through so much pain. I was confused. I asked him what actually he was referring to. Turns out the weird faces I made while applying mascara made him think I was in pain.I believe every woman knows which face I am talking about, Yes!… the face with your mouth wide open as if you are about to scream and face only two centimetres away from the mirror with constantly flickering eyelashes and eventually watery eyes with all that poking. I laughed while he kept on explaining how that wasn’t the only thing I did but also the sounds I made, like smacking my lips or talking to myself while applying that perfect Catty-eyed eye liner. The extreme pout we give to ourselves in the mirror while applying blush-on that was his most irritating expression of mine.
Let’s try and tone down those faces we make unless we are alone in the room or he is too busy trying to search for his things in the drawer we had organised.


As much as I want to convey this light-heartedly, this is a pretty big deal in relationships.
Women are always close to a gang of girls. We all know women do share details about their relationship and life with their best friends, I do too. Our friends are a huge help at times but many a times we often trust our close friends a little too much. We take up their advices like the rule book and that’s where things start to mess up. A man doesn’t share his relationship problems or details with his friends and even if he does once in a while he wouldn’t take up advices unless he thinks it’s right but being a woman I know we start trusting our best friends a little too much with every life decision and that’s where your partner starts to get bothered.
Remember ladies, he is in a relationship with you not the whole gang or anyone else from the gang. So be yourself and trust your decisions.

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