Nurse Reveals ‘Disturbing’ Comments Overheard from Men During Childbirth

Let’s face it: the idea of childbirth can be a bit intimidating, no matter who you are.

It’s no wonder people might blurt out some pretty random things when a mom is in labor. I mean, with all the memes of guys fainting in the delivery room and videos of women in pain, it’s enough to make anyone uneasy.

Enter Anna, a nurse making waves on TikTok, specializing in all things ‘birth, postpartum, nursing, and motherhood.’ With years spent helping doctors deliver babies, she’s witnessed it all.

In a video, she spilled the beans on the ‘icky’ things she’s heard men say during childbirth. Anna shared the surprising comments she’s overheard, like one dad questioning, “Does it really hurt THAT bad?”

Then there’s this guy who had the audacity to remark that his partner’s intimate area was ‘never going to look the same again.’

Anna also recalled a dad dropping a bombshell while the mom was ‘in stirrup and pushing.’

“So, how do we go about getting a paternity test?” they inquired. Now, that’s either a seriously awkward dad joke or a scene straight out of a soap opera.

Other dads apparently took it to the extreme, saying, “When do you think she’ll have the baby? Because I’m really hungry and need to go grab some food.”

I suppose it’s a tad relatable, in a peculiar way.

It looks like there were a few dads griping about ‘why is it taking so long’ while their partner is in the midst of pushing a human being out.

Then there are the ones complaining about their ‘back hurting’ from sitting in the chair, and some who don’t say anything at all.

Some even got irritated with their partner going through labor, telling them, “Can you be a little more quiet? You’re being too loud.”

Then there’s the guy who reportedly said, “I can’t hold your hand right now, I need to take this call. I’ll be right back.” Ah, the epitome of true love.

And let’s not forget the topic of vaginas – there was this dad who boldly asked, “Can you put in an extra stitch for me?”

Quite a jaw-dropper, right?

The comments section lit up with users exclaiming, “Not the husband stitch.” Who would’ve thought that was even a thing?

Someone even joked, “The divorce lawyer would be standing next to me within an hour.”

Others threw in their two cents, like, “Yeah, that’s it, I’m steering clear of marriage.”

And then there was this gem: “My man would get the boot and be replaced by my bestie in a heartbeat.”

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Source: TikTok

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