Obese Woman Refuses To Give Up Extra Seat She Purchased On Plane So Couple Can Sit Together

The Reddit community recently supported an obese woman harassed by a couple after she wouldn’t give up the extra airplane seat she purchased. 

Tessy23, a Redditor who is obese, often purchases two airplane seats for herself while flying alone. What’s the reason? She does not want to impress or bother other passengers to enjoy her flight. Her hopes were dashed recently when she encountered the situation she had hoped to avoid.

A viral post on Reddit by Tessy23 explained she purchased an extra seat next to her own to ensure comfort during the flight. Redditors exchanged thoughts with the original poster.


“AITA for not giving up my second “free” seat next to me in the plane?”

I am obese. Like I am comfortable having two seats in the plane type of obese. I am well aware of that and I really don’t like to bother people with my weight.

A week ago I was going to a conference by plane and because I was going alone (usually when I fly with my boyfriend I don’t buy two since he sits next to me) I bought two seats. I fit in one but my side is usually touching the person next to me and I feel uncomfortable for them. It happened to me that they gave me nasty looks and I felt extremely uncomfortable the whole flight.

So I sat down in the plane and put the armrest up so I would be really comfortable. Some couple came and they both sat next to me because they got separate seats and they noticed the seat next to me was empty. Exactly what I was afraid of happened. My side kept touching the guy next to me and he even pushed me a bit when he moved in the seat. I was feeling extremely uncomfortable and asked him if he could go to his seat because I bought this one for my comfort. He told me no, since the seat is empty and he wants to be with his girlfriend. Well, I told him I understand but I feel uncomfortable and I paid for the second seat so exactly this doesn’t happen. He refused again and started to chat with his GF. I called the flight attendant and quietly told her what is happening. She asked the guy to leave my second seat and he and his GF gave me a nasty look. The GF mumbled something like “Fu***g fat bi**h” under her breath but nothing directly to me.

So Am I the a$$hole for insisting on him to leave?

The Responses: 

The post received more than 3400 responses; we have collected some of the most interesting ones below:

flaky-burnt: NTA! You bought that seat. The couple sitting apart has nothing to do with you. IDGAF if you were thin and bought a 2nd seat for your emotional support ghost! That’s your seat.

31anon5: NTA. They tried to take something you paid for and then were rude to you. It’s a bit shocking, really, considering the number of people who comment on social media that larger people should have to buy two seats. Please don’t feel bad about yourself because they chose to be horrid and entitled.

F0zzysW0rld: NTA – It wasnt a free/available seat. You purchased it, you bought the seat so it is “occupied”.

DishsUp: NTA: you paid for that seat, it’s your seat and frankly airplane seats are too small. I was on a flight last week, I bought it last minute and ended up with a center seat in the “basic” cabin, the cheap seats on United flights ( at least on this plane ) don’t have movable arm rests, my hips hit both armrests( read walls), it was very uncomfortable. I wear a women’s 10/12, after that experience I will always buy 2 seats if I’m in the back or at least never settle for less than business class.

Aylauria: NTA. You were the opposite of the AH. You paid extra for the comfort of yourself and the person next to you. They were both AH. They could have accomplished the same goal by have her swap her seat with the person sitting next to him. But they didn’t want to. Not your problem. Give it no more thought.

jaelythe4781: NTA. You PAID for two seats. They were being entitled AHs for not even asking permission.

For you for the future, there is NOTHING wrong with informing people who try to sit in your PAID FOR 2nd seat that it IS your seat even if it’s currently empty and they need to sit in their assigned seats or ask someone else to switch. Or they could PAY for assigned seats next to each other in the future. If you don’t pay for seat assignment, you don’t get to complain about not sitting next to each other or bully someone else for their seat.

BaffledMum: NTA. For heaven’s sake, if he’d been assigned to sit next to you, he’d have complained you were too big. But if you get an extra seat so as not to bother him, he feels entitled to your seat. Why didn’t the girlfriend ask boyfriend’s seat neighbor to switch? No muss, no fuss.

ThePeoplesPoom: Firstly, I’m sorry people have given you nasty looks and treated you poorly. No one should be shaming you for your body. Second, you are DEFINITELY NTA. You already paid for your extra seat (already very courteous) and you were respectful and discrete in having him removed.

FangirlSuelo: NTA, I know the feeling because my mom was overweight my whole life and she’d tell me the stories of her flying solo and even with me she’d have me sit in the seat next to her. But I’ve seen the stares and dirty looks too, I’ve been getting the looks lately too if I’m flying alone and even a little of me spills to the side. They need to either plan better, or ask in the first place if they could sit there. When you said you were uncomfortable and then they blew you off, then you did the best thing getting the flight attendant. You’re not at all in the wrong here for standing up for yourself.

This post has over 2000 comments, you can read them on Reddit here.

What’s Your Take?

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  1. I’m 6’1 @175lbs. Fairly slender build for my height. And regular airplane seats are narrow for me!! I can only imagine how this poor woman felt. Do not feel bad at all, You paid for it, your seat.

  2. I sympathized with the obese lady. Can’t the selfish couple sit apart just for the duration of the flight without expecting somebody will do them favour?

    1. Don’t feel bad! U paid for the seats and its yours for the entire flight. The couple’s just plain rude! If they want to sit together just pay for the assigned seat. Being cheapskate and demand to sit at other people’s “purchased seats” and being rude to her? Where is the gentleman manners nowadays? Damn ass rude !

  3. That’s just so wrong, I would have said something the second he even tried to sit down like hey your sitting on my friend get
    Off. When they tried telling me no one was there I would have argued with them and showed my 2 tickets . So many people bring animals for emotional reasons so you brought your invisible FRIEND .. LOL

  4. Ma’am… You asking if you were the “Ah” in this situation, breaks my heart.
    First off… let’s talk about how you’d already taken other ppl’s feelings into consideration by purchasing an additional seat which I’m sure was not cheap especially round trip,
    And then for these two entitled poisonous snakes to slither next to you DEMANDING you accommodate them even further by allowing them to STEAL your seat(same as stealing outta your purse) is UTTERLY ridiculous.
    Going further please don’t allow entitled ppl such as them to Bully you,
    stop that person before they even attempt to sit in your not so vacant(bought n paid for) seat and let um know, “Aht Aht go sit somewhere else”💅

  5. My husband has this same complaint. He agrees obese people should purchase two seats. My husband would respect this woman for doing so. Nobody wants to ge touched by a stranger. She bought the seat. It was hers! The thoughtless boyfriend should have been more thoughtful and planned better. The girlfriend should not have mumbled anything. It was not there lie seat to take!

  6. Hi. I had a situation where my sister and I were traveling. She is obese so I made sure to get us premium seats, side by side on the plane. Before boarding, I checked to see if two first class were available as I was going to treat her. None were … the airline clerk knew my name, therefore, and called me up to make sure I knew I was going to be squished in next to the fat lady. We have different last names as we are both married. I was stunned and said, yes Miss, that fat girl whose going to squish me is my sister so it’s cool. Half the passengers heard me and started laughing. My sister turned beet red but suddenly we got bumped to first class as some big wig from the airline was on our flight and her what his clerk said. So, that said, don’t ever let anyone put you down for being obese. We are who we are and I imagine being as your kind enough to buy two seats, you’re one hell of a good person. God bless you!

  7. So i met this guy on facebook, nice charming and handsome. We started talking and got into a relationship. After having sex he told me that he was married, i stopped talking to him bt he convinced me to be with him ans said my wife doesn’t live with me.. we are not divorced bt separated. Few months later i came to knw that he has a baby as well. Again he convinced me saying he fucked up and she got pregnant. Few months later we had a massive fight and sent his wife some proofs of me being with him..
    Seems like his relationship with his wife was really not that bad as he showed me..
    so now his wife is back to living with him but keeps torturing him for betraying her.
    So AITA??

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