Old Married Couple Who Served In World War 2 Together Pass Away On The Same Day

These days, there are so many relationships that just end up failing and bursting into flames. This is mostly because a lot of people just get into relationships without first understanding what it really means to love and respect one’s partner. It’s just a sad sight having to witness so many people get into relationships that aren’t right for them.

But even though there are so many stories of failed relationships, there are just as many stories of couples who are actually able to prove to the world that true love exists. These are the narratives that serve as inspiration for the lot of us who have yet to find love in this life.

And it’s also important to understand that the longevity in a relationship, particularly in a marriage, is more than just about promoting love and attraction. This is echoed by the sentiments of a licensed professional counselor named Andrea Mathews.

She says, “Being in love does not guarantee that a relationship will work.  Relationships require also compatibility and relationship skills on the part of both parties.  But the “in love” requirement is a must.  Relationships are not easy for they bring us to the deepest parts of ourselves. Therefore, being in love must be an aspect of any healthy long-term commitment and being sure that it is love, therefore, is an intensely important first step.”

Meredith Hansen, Psy.D. is a clinical psychologist who also has some very strong and heavy views on the matter. She claims, “Healthy adult love exists when both partners are emotionally interdependent; meaning that both partners love one another, care for one another, desire physical closeness with one another, but respect each other enough to have their own identities as well.”

The strongest and healthiest relationships are always going to require healthy doses of effort and dedication. In order for the love in a marriage to last, it takes the concerted effort of two dedicated individuals in the relationship.

Based on the advice of a famed marriage and family therapist named Mudita Rastogi, Ph.D., “Your interests, opinions, and experiences can change as you grow. But if you share the same core belief systems, you will have a platform from which to build a strong relationship.” Rastogi goes on to mention, “We are all multifaceted, complex creatures. Your partner will never be able to match all your needs and interests. It is OK to pursue some separate activities, either individually, or with friends, apart from your partner.”

If you are a fan of romantic narratives with fairytale endings, then you are definitely in for a treat. Here is a heartwarming story of a couple who really loved each other until the end.

The story is of Preble Staver and Isabell Whitney. Both Preble and Isabell were born in the month of October 1921. They had met on a blind date as youngsters and instantly, they knew that they were destined to spend the rest of their lives together.

As the United States participated in the second World War, both Isabell and Preble decided to enlist in the military. Preble joined the Marine corps and he ended up receiving a Bronze Star for his service. Isabell served as a nurse for the Navy. Five months after the war had ended, the two had rekindled their flames and decided to get married on February 15, 1946 – the day after Valentine’s Day.

They had a shared life that was so full of passion, joy, and love. They were really determined to overcome the many challenges that came with being in a relationship together. Preble earned a living as a lobbyist and a banker which required him and Isabell to move around the country a lot.

They ended up having 5 children except they lost one, their son Peter, who died during a football game that he was playing at when he was a senior in high school.

Aside from that, the couple grew old together in a normal and typical marriage that lasted a lifetime – literally.

In 2013, Isabell had already started to show signs of dementia. That triggered for the elderly couple to move into a care facility located in Virginia. It was a very difficult time for Preble as he witnessed his dearly beloved succumb bit by bit to her disease. On Preble’s 96th birthday, he wished to have just one more nap with his wife he had loved so dearly.

Because of how invested the facility staff was in their love story, they had decided that it would be okay for the couple to share a few hours of nap time with one another. This wasn’t usually the case because they had already been sleeping in separate rooms. So, this was a real treat for Preble.

But several days after Preble’s birthday, Isabell passed away. And the amazing thing? Preble died just a few hours after she did. He couldn’t bear being on this earth without his dear Isabell. This was a marriage that lasted for 7 decades and they really make the rest of us believe in the power of love.


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