One Day, You’re Going To Meet Someone Who Will Make You Realize Why It Never Worked Out With Anyone Else

It’s okay to be human you are one after all.

You are bound to have a million queries running through your mind whenever you find yourself drawing the short straw in relationships time and time again. You never seem to be able to find the perfect partner. You always seem to be attracting the wrong kind of people and you just can’t help but wonder about a myriad of things. Why can’t you ever seem to make a relationship work? When will you ever find the person who is right for you? Who exactly should you be looking for to have a relationship with? How are you going to be able to sustain a romance once you do find it? It’s normal to have these kinds of questions plague your mind especially when you’ve been unlucky in love for so long. You might even be tempted to curse the universe for all of your bad luck. You see that you do manage to find success in other aspects of your life. You look around and you see friends and family having successful relationships of your own. And so you want to know what’s so special about you that you can’t seem to get what everyone else seems to have so easily?

And it’s okay to have these questions run through your mind. It’s okay to give in to your natural curiosities. It’s okay to be human you are one after all. But don’t dare think that just because you haven’t found love yet means that you are never going to find it. Don’t let all of these questions lead you to the conclusion that you aren’t worthy of love. Don’t let your overthinking stress you out. Don’t let all of these random thoughts and musings trigger a sort of anxiety and insecurity within you. It’s okay to be restless about wanting to find love for yourself; but you also have to keep in mind that love isn’t necessarily going to be something that you can rush or initiate at the push of a button. Love, like most other great things in life, never comes too easily or too quickly.

You’re just going to have to maintain the faith that one day, when you least expect it, everything that you’ve ever wanted for yourself is going to come crashing down on you like an avalanche of blessings. And you’re going to end up forgetting why you were ever anxious in the first place. Your world will cease to exist as you know it and you will be ushered into a completely new phase of your life; one that is completely different from the one that you used to live in. And when you find yourself looking at this wonderful world with a whole new lens, you will understand why you never found love before that very moment. Everything is going to start to make sense to you and you will be eternally grateful for it. When you look into the eyes of that one person you were always meant to be with after all, you will grow to understand just why you couldn’t make it work with anyone else. You failed all of those relationships in your past just because you needed to get to this point. And you will smile with the satisfaction of knowing that the wait was definitely worth it.

When you meet the one you have always been destined to be with after all, you are going to get all of the answers that you have been searching for your whole life. You will understand what it is you want out of love and relationships. You will learn who it was you have been waiting for this whole time. You will understand when that significant turning point in your life turned out to be. You will understand why you had to endure so many heartaches and heartbreaks in the past. You will learn how you are going to go about making sure that you don’t mess this love up. And most importantly, you are going to grow to learn what it really means to fall in love with that one special human being who has been waiting in the wings all this time.

You will finally know what it’s like to be in a relationship with someone who is going to fight for you just as much as you fight for them. You will be with someone who is not going to back down from the challenges that your relationship might face. You are going to know the significance of having that security and that comfort in another person; in knowing that you can always count on them to be there for you whenever you call. You will have a partner for life and when you’re staring deep into this person’s eyes, there’s only going to be one thing on your mind: it was all worth it. 

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