One Day, You’re Going To Thank Yourself For Leaving Him

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Someday, you’re going to thank yourself for leaving him. You’re going to eventually grow to find out that it’s true when they say that time eventually does heal all wounds. You’re going to believe in the idea that there is no pain on earth that you can’t recover from – not even heartbreak. There will come a day where you will really be living the life that you’re meant to be living; and you’re going to thrive in it. You’re going to be able to really enjoy the life that you’re in because you’re going to be able to have it the way that you want.

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You’re going to get so caught up in the happiness of your own life that you’re not even going to remember that he used to be someone who took up so much space in your mind and in your heart. You’re going to be so busy being happy that you won’t even remember all of the pain, sadness, and heartache that he used to bring into your life. You’re no longer going to be haunted by the idea of him not being with you anymore. Maybe you’re going to walk by a cafe that you used to frequent as a coupe; maybe a song that you used to love do dance together to is going to come on the radio; none of that is going to affect you.

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He no longer holds a piece of your heart and you are so much happier because of it. You’re going to look back and thank yourself for finding the strength and the courage to just leave him behind. You’re going to tell yourself that it was the best decision you have ever made. You’re going to erase all traces of his existence from your life. You’re going to move on as if you never even met him. You’re going to burn that bridge and never look back. You’re going to put all of those ill feelings, bad memories, and harsh reminders behind you. You’re going to take all of that heartache and leave it all in the past.

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You’re going to get rid of everything that has been holding you back. You’re going to let go of everything that has been bogging you down. You are going to look to the future with a kind of renewed energy; and you’re going to make it worth your while. Of course, you knew going into things that relationships were never designed to be simple or easy. But they didn’t have to be so difficult either. Relationships shouldn’t have been that hard. You knew that he was making it much more difficult than it had to be. You should never have been put in a position wherein you had to question his love and his motives.

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You should never have been thrust into a position wherein you ended up doubting yourself; wherein you ended up diminishing your own self-worth. You didn’t need this man to be leading you to questioning yourself. You should never have had to put so much effort into convincing him to fight for you and the relationship. You should never have let your pride and your ego get in the way. You should both always have been willing to come to a compromise on plenty of things. Your relationship didn’t have to hurt as much as it really did.

You know that that is a kind of love that you’re not going to be able to bear with forever. For you, love is always something that doesn’t need questioning. For you, love should never leave any room for doubt. When you fall in love yourself, you are always sure about how you feel. You never have to question your intentions or motives. You have a vision and you know that you are going to do whatever it takes to bring that vision into reality. You are always so resolute with your feelings and emotions. You always stand strong in your convictions with your relationship.

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And it really irks you whenever you know that you’re in a relationship with someone who isn’t the same way. It irritates you to love someone who makes you feel so unsure about the love that you’re getting in return. And that’s why it’s better for you to just walk away from this relationship that you’re in. Because at the end of the day, if a love doesn’t make you happy, then it really isn’t love at all. And someday, when you’re happy and you’re smiling in your relationship that is full of love, you’re going to look back on where you are now. You’re going to wonder why you put up with so much. You’re going to wonder why you didn’t get out earlier than you did. But most of all, you’re going to be thankful that you eventually found the strength to carry on.