Oscar Nominee Tems Criticized for ‘Rude’ View-Blocking Outfit

The Crazy Tings singer stole the show with her outfit, but only for those sitting behind her.

Last night, at the 95th Academy Awards ceremony, the Nigerian singer and songwriter, Temilade Openiyi, professionally known as Tems, showed up wearing a puffy white gown designed by an LA-based fashion designer, Lessja Verlingieri of Lever Couture.

A part of her dress was wrapped around the back of her head, blocking the view of the guests who sat behind her during the show.

Tems, who was nominated alongside Rihanna for Best Original song for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever song Lift Me Up, turned many heads while posing for photos on the red carpet. However, when the hitmaker took her seat inside the Dolby Theatre, her headpiece blocked the view of many people behind her.

The images of the Damages singer standing out in her not-so-practical outfit went viral on social media. Many fans compared the situation with the inconvenience people face when they stand behind very tall people during a concert.

A clip from the show also went viral where guests sitting behind her were seen moving their heads to get a better view of the stage while Tems sat unbothered with her ‘rude’ outfit that blocked many people’s view.

“what people sitting behind tems are seeing,” one person joked on Twitter.

“This is so disrespectful to the people sitting behind her,” another commented.

“Tems looks amazing but Oscars def banning large headdresses next year during the ceremony,” someone wrote.

“Interviewer: “what’s your highlight of tonight’s oscar awards” The man behind Tems: “I couldn’t see anything, Tems stole the show,” another joked.

“Even this man was about to lose his breath. I hope he will be alright by now,” someone added.

“POV: You’re sitting behind Tems at the Oscars,” others joked.

“Big Tems For Real!”

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