If We’re Going To Fall In Love, I Want To Make Sure That It’s 100% Or Nothing At All

I’m not interested in getting into a relationship that is half-baked. In what little experience I have on earth, I have learned that success doesn’t come with half-hearted effort. I have learned that we can never really be content with half measures. We can’t leave any loose ends. Life isn’t going to reward us when we fail to give all that we can give – and all of this applies to love. And that’s why if you’re going to fall in love with me, I want you to do so wholeheartedly.

I want you to love me unconditionally. I want you to love me without restraint. I want you to REALLY fall for me – like a skydiver without a parachute. I want you to take that plunge and let whatever happens just happen. That’s the kind of love that I’m looking for. And if you’re not going to be able to give me your everything, then you might as well just give me nothing at all.

Know that if you fall in love with me with everything that you have, I’m going to do the same with you. I’m going to serve as your strength when you find yourself too scared to face the world. I’m going to be your rock when you think you’re incapable of standing strong. I’m going to hold your hand to make sure that you feel like you’re never alone especially when you’re feeling isolated from the rest of the world. I’m going to help carry the load that is on your shoulders when you feel like your baggage is flattening you like an accordion. I’m going to do everything I can to make your life as easy and as comfortable as possible because that’s how I think true love should be.

I want to be a shining beacon of light in your dark world. When you feel like you’ve lost your way and you don’t know which way you’re supposed to go, I can be the one who leads you back on the right track. I want to be your hope in this world that is full of despair. I can be the one piece of positive in a sea of negatives. I can be the one who inspires you to dream bigger even when everything else in your life is trying to pull you down. I can be the one who motivates you to soar higher even when you feel like your feet are planted on the ground. I want to be the one who proves to you that people don’t always leave; how the important people are always going to stick around and be there for you when you need them the most. I want to be the person who you can turn to when you feel like you have no one else to face the world with. I want to be the one who you know is going to be on your corner when you feel like you have enemies everywhere. I want to be able to fight your fights. I want to take on all of the challenges that you need to face. I want to jump over every hurdle that is placed in front of you. I want to be the one who is going to convince you that even though there are so many reasons for you to lose hope in this world, it’s still something worth holding on to. I want you to believe in the idea of loving without consequence. I want you to be able to believe in the idea of true love; because I know for a fact that it exists within me. And I’m hoping that you can give me the same kind of love as well.

I want to be the one who helps pick up the slack when you aren’t exactly being your best self. I want you to feel like you are never going to be judged or criticized whenever you are with me. I want you to feel safe with just being sad and weak whenever you are in my presence. I want you to be able to find healing and comfort in the warmth of my embrace. I want you to feel like you don’t need to worry about your many insecurities; because these are all irrelevant to me. Your flaws are imperfections that I will accept. Your blemishes are parts of you that I will still choose to love – purely because I know that they help make up who you are as a person. And I genuinely hope that you can love me in the same manner. Because anything less than that wouldn’t be love at all. And I’m tired of anything that is less than love.

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