Outraged Utah Woman Sparked Debate After being Charged $74 for Order at Five Guys

A woman became upset when asked to pay 74 dollars at the fast food restaurant for her meal.

TikTok user @retailcheapskate posted a video on her account and showed the bill receipt in which she was charged $74.10 for four hamburgers, two fries, and drinks.

“WHEN DID FIVE GUYS BECOME A FIVE STAR RESTAURANT?!” the Utah woman wrote on her video clip. “This is four hamburgers, two fries, and drinks.”

Her receipt showed her order details: two Little Cheeseburgers, 2 Regular Fries, 1 Bacon Cheeseburger (with an extra patty), 1 Bacon Cheeseburger, 1 Large Soda, and 3 Regular Sodas that cost her around $65.20. With added sales tax of $5.37 and a tip of $3.53, her grand total became $74.10.

The woman explained the bill cost as ‘highway robbery’ by Five Guy and expressed her disappointment at the unreasonably high price.

The video clip went viral on TikTok and received more than 2 million views, along with 35K comments and more than 3K likes.

Many users agreed with the angry OP and said Five Guys is way too expensive, so they have stopped eating there.

“5 guys had always been $$$,” one wrote.

“We actually had to stop eating there because it is too expensive for our family of four,” another chimed in.

“Just a burger, small fries, and small drink add to over $20. I will never go there again,” someone wrote.

“It’s so damn expensive. I can’t take my family either. It’s special occasion food!” another user agreed.

“Ridiculous! Not that great! No, go for us any longer either!” said another.

Many others pointed out that the woman should know that the fast food chain is expensive, and she should not have gone there if she was not okay with their prices. Some also tried to school the TikTok user that she must check the food prices on the menu before ordering food.

“Five Guys is known to be expensive, yet you still went and complained? Their burgers and fries do slap though.”

“So you saw the prices and ordered anyways? Split that 4 ways and it’s $15 a person with tax. Same as Dennys.”

“You got 4 burgers, one with an extra patty, 4 drinks and 2 fries. They GIVE BIG on the fries too. Cost seems right to me.”

“You are paying fresh high-quality beef, never frozen, a very large burger, very large fresh cut fries. Food costs have gone up about 30%.”

Someone also said she was being absurd by comparing the fast food joint to a five-star restaurant, as the latter would charge way more money.

“A five star restaurant would cost 5 times that ticket. Five Guys isn’t cheap but it’s a perfect example that people aren’t all about price.”

A few TikToker users also pitched in and said there is no reason to complain because the fast food chain serves the best burgers with fresh meat and buns.

“Why y’all complaining?” someone questioned. “These burgers are actually worth the price. I don’t mind paying for something that is really good.”

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Sources: TikTok

  1. I have never been to 5 Guys, but if it is “fast food” then why are you paying a tip? I have never paid a tip at a fast food place. I understand all fresh, never frozen, so you charge the higher prices, but tips are for restaurants or coffee shops not fast food. I have to agree with what others said if you get there and you see that their prices are that high for individual things then why did you end up ordering. Turn around and leave and go somewhere else if you’re going to complain about the cost.

  2. That is a very reasonable bill considering you can’t even get a meal at Wendy’s or Buger King for less than $10 anymore. Just like any other item: clothing, vehicles, restaurants……you pay for the name. 5 guys is a higher end burger chain.

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