Parents fear seven-month-old will never reach Britain after being forced to leave Kabul

  • An Afghan mother living in the UK visited family in Kabul in September 2020
  • She lost her UK ID card, her British husband moved in with her, and she gave birth to a baby.
  • They had to come back to London with a 30-day visa.
  • Newborn baby left with grandparents with no way out. 

Leaving a 7-month-old stranded in Kabul with her grandparents, her parents fear she won’t make it to the UK.

The mother of the newborn, who wishes to remain anonymous, said she had no choice but to return to the UK in May to keep her UK visa.

In September last year, she went to Kabul to see her family but lost her UK ID card.

She gave birth to her first baby in Afghanistan’s capital the following month after her British husband joined her.  

Eventually, she got a one-entry visa, which gave her 30 days to return and get a new one.

Yet their baby girl hadn’t received her British passport, so she had to stay with her grandparents in Kabul.

The parents of a 7-month-old girl (pictured) they had to leave in Kabul with her grandparents are worried she’ll never make it to the UK.

The mother of the infant told the BBC: “I haven’t seen my child for months. Without her, I feel lost.”

“I beg the government to assist me in reuniting with my family and baby. 

The government will do all that it can to assist British nationals left behind at the end of the airlift. 

Despite the limited time they had to return to the United Kingdom, the family had no choice but to leave their newborn daughter behind since the baby could not travel without a passport.

As the mother speaks little English and needed assistance with the application for the new documents, the father had to come back.


When the couple received the documents, they intended to return to Afghanistan. However, the situation changed beyond their expectations when the Taliban seized power.

The British father and Afghan mother, who wish to remain anonymous, said they had no choice but to return to the UK in May to retain her UK visa.

The parents received their infant’s passport on Wednesday, but there are no commercial flights from or to Kabul.

The father of the child reported that they applied for the baby’s passport in March.

There is nothing we can do about her absence. We want to hug and kiss her.

A British Embassy employee left Kabul before the girl could return to the UK with her parents.

While the baby’s grandparents have not left their house in the past week, there have been concerns about their safety since they assisted Western forces since the 2001 invasion.

British officials told the father that the child is not yet British and must remain in the U.K. until she receives her passport.

According to the Home Office, they will “continue doing everything possible to fulfill our commitments to British nationals and eligible Afghans.”. 






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