Passenger on Flight Screams At Parents of Child Who Won’t Stop Crying

A Southwest Airlines Passenger had an epic meltdown over a baby who won’t stop crying during the flight.

The child cried non-stop for nearly 45 minutes which made the man furious, and he started screaming at the wailing baby’s parents.

The viral incident was documented by a man aboard who later shared it on TikTok, where the clip has so far amassed over 185K views and thousands of likes and comments.

“Stuck in a holding pattern for weather and an SWA passenger loses his mind over a baby,” the text on the video read.

The video showed the furious man shouting at the child’s parents, flight attendants, and fellow passengers to express his discomfort during the flight he had paid for.

“There is a child crying on the flight, non-f***ing-stop,” he shouted. “Calm the child down, please. I’m not screaming. Do you want me to scream? I’ll f***ing scream.”

“We are in a f***ing tin can with a baby in a goddamn echo chamber, and you wanna talk to me about being f***ing ok?”

One staffer trying to calm the man said, “ok, because you’re yelling….” The angry passenger interrupted him and said, “so is the baby.”

When the employee said the man should calm down as he is a full-grown adult unlike the baby, he replied,

“Did that motherf***er pay extra to yell? F**k you and shut up.”

The staff member then asked the man to lower his voice, to which he replied, “Can you lower THAT voice?’ in reference to the child’s howling.”

“I don’t give a f**k. F**k, lower that baby’s voice. I’m triggered, f**k that baby.”

The furious man claimed that he was trying to sleep with his headphones on but the baby’s crying was so consistent and loud, he was disturbed and couldn’t sleep.

“I know an attorney just like you motherf****r, I got rights,” the man said to an air steward who reminded him that he could be facing legal action for his rude and obnoxious behavior.

“If I hadn’t have said anything, we would be sitting on this motherf*****g flight with a kid crying for 45 minutes. Bulls**t.”

The matter escalated and the passenger refused to get off the plane in Orlando.

The man recording the video then showed that the passenger’s behavior forced the entire flight to be deplaned.

“The passenger was later seen in the terminal surrounded by authorities – including police officers – as he pleaded his case and claimed that his actions were justified because he shouldn’t have been disturbed,” Daily Mail wrote.

“He was then marched through the airport by police officers.”

 Commenting on the viral clip, several users said the man needs therapy as what he did on the flight was not justifiable.

“allegedly both parents were there, and they didn’t try to sooth the baby at all the entire time, however how he handled it wasn’t okay either,” one wrote.

“How do you think the baby’s parents feel. People need to get a grip, babies are a part of life. We were all babies once,” a second said.

“and this is why i’m scared to take my 7 month old on a plane. idk how my son will react or behave and i don’t want this type of interaction to happen,” a third added.

“It’s called empathy people. Can you imagine how stressed & embarrassed the parents probably are. Babies exist & they can’t help their cries,” another viewer commented.

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Source: TikTok

  1. This was handled very poorly by the flight attendants The parents should have been able to calm down the infant give the baby a bottle would have helped the child’s ears may have popped from the cabin pressure

    1. Anna I am a man that has had full custody of my kids their whole life, you should know as a parent that you can’t FORCE a baby to drink a bottle. And I’m sure that they were smart enough parents to have tried what u said and everything else…I shouldnt be telling an adult the obvious…you can’t control the actions of another individual, even when it’s a baby.

    2. Anna get a f**** grip. Do you have kids? Do you think the parents want their baby to cry on a flight? I’m sure they did give a bottle and did all they could could to soothe the baby. Sometime it just doesn’t work. I don’t even know why you commented on this thread.

    3. Sometimes infants don’t calm. I can guarantee the parents did not want their kid crying the whole time either. 🙄

  2. If I was the parent of the child I would have got up and beat the s*** out of that man. But I’m tired of these articles wasting my time where is the goddamn video?

    1. Haha bullsh*t. If you have time to fight a man, you should put time to make your ugly baby stop crying! you want to fight a man, you’ll get hit like one. FAFO, haha.

      1. Shut the the fuck up!! Hiding behind comments knowing you’ll get your punk as BEAT in public! Your username says all I need up know about your ignorant dumb ass

  3. Omg have you ever been threw this, it’s like a barking dog. Im sorry I have no patience for this, get knock out pills and give it to the kid before sorry I think he is right! I was on a flight and the woman in front of me was drinking beer and farting, I was trapped I let them know I could smell them but nothing was done.

    1. I agree, if you know your traveling with a child you can’t control them by all means give the child something to sleep through the flight, it’s rude and disrespectful and unnecessary for the entire flight to be disrupted because of a screaming child. I love kids don’t get me wrong but they should have thought ahead given the kid something to relax them to make sure they sleep. It’s an easy fix

      1. Frances, Have you ever thought that giving an infant something to sleep may kill that infant ? There’s no such medicine available for infants or even toddlers of early age. On the other hand, that medicine is available to you. Grow up and act like an adult

    2. The fact that this man expected a baby to control their emotions on the flight when he clearly has no control over his own emotions as a grown man…. I highly doubt the parents didn’t try to soothe their child. Anyone who actually has young children knows you can’t MAKE them do anything. Obviously a crying baby for 45 minutes isn’t ideal for anyone but flights are a public service, get noise canceling headphones or give yourself something to “knock yourself out” for the flight duration if you can’t handle these inconveniences.

  4. I understand the man. It gets way 2 much. Been on planes since I was a baby and my patents were keeping me quit so what the fuck is going on witj the parents now a days???? To lazy and no capable to keep their children in the right track!!!

    1. Are you joking?! Parents now adays, how do you know the baby wasn’t in pain or discomfort and that was the reason for the crying, if your baby is in pain or discomfort what are you supposed to do especially ially stuck on a plane too all babies are different. At most they could of tried to give the little some calpol, a bottle and a cuddle if that doesn’t help the poor child what else can you do ay?!!! Ridiculous comment

    2. No babies or person are ever the same. How you were as a an infant and how others are will never be the same no matter what kind of parenting a person does.

      Why are you so quick to judge the parents? What if they had tried everything but unfortunately that was the babys first time in flight and was scared? What if that infant was very uncomfortable and just couldnt calm down? Sometimes an infant will just cry and you just have to let them. The parents aren’t deliberately trying to make everyone in the flight uncomfortable. No one realizes how loud the infant is that the person holding that infant.

      That man on the plane got what he deserved. No parents wants their baby to cry imagine having to hear ur baby cry for 45mins. Thats hard on the parents physically and mental state.

  5. The parents doing absolutely nothing to soothe the child is completely wrong. They are the ones who should have been spoken to about it before things got escalated.

  6. Children’s ear canals are not properly formed, meaning they are more at risk from earache especially when on flights. Unfortunately it is perfectly possible to take a flight and be seated near a child that will cry the whole journey because of pain or significant discomfort in the baby’s ears, and there is sometimes nothing that can be done. This is just a risk when you buy a plane ticket, a day-to-day risk of flying. If you can’t handle that, don’t fly.

  7. If it’s YOUR kids then YOU deal with them how YOU want. Baby’s and young children have not developed the capability to control their emotions. And drugging them should not be the option to take because they inconvenience others or you. Grow up and learn to cope with crying babies people.

  8. My thinking is you don’t take a you child into a plane as it is not fair on them and not fair in fellow passengers. As a mother of two kids I never did. I see the parents point of view and I see his. I would bor be happy on a long hall flight with a young child screaming it head off. I know the that poor liddlun couldn’t help it but at the same time such a young child should be put through such an ordeal. I blame the parents and I’m a parent too.

    1. Some of you are clearly think you are above most!
      They should make certain flights child free and charge you double!!! Get a grip clearly none of the “comments” that are disgusting commenting on a poor crying baby!!!! Dont and will never have kids. ( i hope )

  9. Am I the only one thinking that the Adult should of bought noise suppressing headphones? They are well worth every dollar if it gives you piece of mind seeing as the baby was crying non stop. I get being upset over constant noise that you cannot stop, and would drive most mad. To be fair, both the Adult yelling and the parents are at fault. The parents should of done more about the child and the Adult should of done more to prepare for a situation like this.

  10. Choose kindness always. You never know what the child or the parents are going through. I am also a parent, we flew with my 6 months old baby. I prepared him before flying, searching everything to help him calm during the flight. But not all the time is doing well. It is very exhausting for the parents, especially for a long flight. If we adults have bad days or bad times also kids or babies also have that. They have also emotions. Please be kind, maybe passenger can offer help than yelling in front of his parents. Yelling will not bring good to others.

  11. yea, it’s all about nuance. IF the adult got upset and started screaming the second a baby starts to cry, then yea, he is the a**hole in the situation. babies cannot help it, it can hurt them and are stressed and upset, so they start to cry.

    but this was not the situation. the baby was crying for 40 minutes, and ok, this is annoying for everyone, but from what it looks, the parents didn’t care and didn’t do anything to calm down the baby. I get it, sometimes there just is no way, but at least try and do something. they are not alone on that plane and this shows utter selfishness on their part. they can try and fail, this happens, but doing nothing? yea, this makes me side more with the man yelling, who escalated the situation and made it impossible for the baby to calm down.

    also the parents are probably thinking nothing. they are not embarassed at all and will contionue to ignore their baby in the future no matter what…

  12. I don’t know how I feel here as other passengers stated the parents didn’t care to calm their crying baby. It’s hard because I’ve been on some flights where other parents absolutely don’t care about their child’s crying or even bad or disruptive behaviour. It’s annoying especially as I try my best to keep my frustrated kids occupied as I’m always thinking of others and although frustrated they have always been well behaved while I try to soothe or entertain them. But then they’re wondering why they can’t run around or be loud like other kids which is sometimes hard to explain.

  13. I am sorry but I am starting to have enough of this…. There’s like 100 people in that plane and only 1 person starts to make a scene, yelling at everyone about HIS rights, that HE feels uncomfortable, etc. ZERO EMPATHY, this man thinks that he’s the only person in the entire society that desereves everything… Why is it always black people behaving like this…? Then you cry about people being racist towards you, stop acting like babies and grow up – maybe then you won’t have any reason to call everyone around you racists.

  14. A lot of none-parents here commenting lol. Either that or you were lucky enough to have unicorn babies meaning they sleep through anything. Some babies will scream and cry regardless of what you do. End of. Is it a sh!tty situation? Yeah. Do you have to act sh!tty about it? Come on, now.

  15. That man acted like a bitch. I bet dinner at his house is a shit show. don’t go in public if you can’t handle it.

  16. The man is completely right. I would do the same. I hate parents that don’t give a single damn it’s so disgusting. I would yell at such trash parents too

  17. I’ve been on long flights with crying babies (other people’s crying babies), what can you do, but try and ignore it, headphones and music helps a little.

  18. You don’t take your baby on a plane, it’s hard for the baby, hard for you and all the other passengers. I am sure grandparents and other relatives would accept to babysit your baby if you absolutely have to fly somewhere and can’t use other means of transportation including your own car. If you can’t find anyone to mind your baby while you’re flying, then sorry stay home or find other means of transportation. Granted emergencies can’t be avoided but I am sure everyone has someone to babysit if it’s a real emergency but vacationing is not a must with young infants. Never flew with my children under the age of 5. If we wanted to take a vacation we drove, period.

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