‘People Think I’m a Bad Parent Because I’m Fully Covered in Tattoos’

In a world where appearances often spark assumptions, Lily Lu, a transgender woman from Tengen, Germany, challenges stereotypes head-on. Covered in tattoos, piercings, and unique modifications, Lily faces judgment from strangers who assume she’s a bad parent and a drug user.

But don’t let the ink fool you; Lily has a powerful story to share about identity, love, and defying societal expectations.

Lily Lu, an artist and YouTuber, embraces her “real alternative life,” pushing the boundaries of body modification. In her unique journey, she has removed nipples, her belly button, parts of her ears, and a finger. Tattoos adorn her eyes, tongue, and even under her fingernails, while her tongue is split, and ceramic black teeth add to her distinctive appearance.

Lily’s story challenges conventional norms and explores the limitless possibilities of self-expression.

“Mostly my looks are associated with using drugs and [that I will] not be hired, and not get an apartment – it’s so silly,” she said. “I personally don’t drink, don’t smoke, and have not used drugs for 20 years. I live super healthily, do sports every day, and eat healthy, freshly cooked food. I run Ultra Trail races and do a lot of active stuff.”

“I mostly don’t even eat sugar and now I’m even [cutting] down on coffee.”

Lily, a homeowner with rental properties, challenges assumptions that her unconventional appearance makes her a bad father. Despite identifying as a woman, Lily still refers to herself as her daughter’s ‘father,’ emphasizing the complexities of identity and parenting in a world quick to judge based on appearances.

“I spend a lot of time with my daughter and I am a very caring and loving dad.  Most people who know me know me as a dad and know how high my daughter is in my [list of] priorities. It’s not a big secret that I’m a good daddy.”

Discussing her choice to undergo extensive modification procedures and heavily tattoo her skin over the years, Lily explained the motivations behind her alterations.

“I carry around 3-8 layers of ink on different parts of my body, and [have] many body modifications – many piercings and implants. I have no nipples, no belly button. Some fingers [are] missing and most parts of my ears. [I also have] a split tongue and special ceramic teeth,” she continued.

“[I have] tattooed my eyes, tongue, under my fingernails and 100% of my body is covered in ink.”

Even though Lily expresses creativity through her tattoos and overall appearance, she emphasizes that her looks are not her top priority. She sees them as a collection that may evolve over time.

“Right now I’m in transition and changing my gender from male to female, which is also a crazy ride and a big modification process,” the video creator concluded. “At some point, it doesn’t matter anymore. It’s my lifestyle and a part of me. My goal is to live and enjoy life.”

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Source: Daily Mail

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