People Who Swear A Lot Might Actually Make The Best Friends, Psychologists Say

It’s no secret that the most intelligent of us are the ones who are able to look at the world in a very unique and profound manner. They have very eccentric minds that allow them to conjure thoughts that might typically be unavailable to most people. They always offer an interesting perspective that not many other people are able to come on their own.

And new research has also shown that smart people are very good at hurling a few creative swear words every now and then. You might think that it’s mostly the dumb and uneducated people who resort to swearing words whenever they talk. But science seems to suggest that the smartest of us are actually prone to swearing a lot more.

A lot of us are going to want to avoid the people who swear a lot because we assume that they don’t possess the necessary language skills that enable them to speak and communicate in an effective manner. We think that these people are limited by their intellectual capacities and that’s why they have to resort to using swear words.

However, a couple of expert psychologists named Kristin Joy and Timothy Jay think that the opposite might be true. The experts, from Marist College and Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts respectively, think that the smartest of us are going to be as likely to swear as most other people.

Based on their study, they have found that the ability to make up some very creative swear words is very much related to having a high proficiency in vocabulary and fluency. They have concluded that people with high IQ levels are those who are more adept at coming up with some really novel swear terms.

“People who use taboo words understand their general expressive content as well as nuanced distinctions that must be drawn to use slurs appropriately,” said the researchers in their study. “The ability to make nuanced distinction indicates the presence of more rather than less linguistic knowledge.”

This might be some serious incentive for you to actually surround yourself with people who swear a lot. But more than that, smart people are also prone to being more honest and upfront about who they are and how they feel. This is based on a study that looked into the behavior of people on social media sites like Facebook. The researchers found that there is substantial data that suggests that people who are honest are also those who tend to swear a lot. They maintain very unfiltered personalities and they don’t typically like to live life through masks. That’s why you can feel more at east with trusting a person who happens to swear a lot.

Psychologists have also said that people who swear a lot are more comfortable with expressing themselves. That means that they typically don’t have any problem with staying true to who they really are on the inside. They don’t really like to mask their statements with flowery words and they rarely ever hold back.

There were some studies that were conducted on crime cases way back and they tried to look into whether people who were honest also happened to be people who swore a lot.

They found that the innocent suspects are more likely to curse than those guilty ones. Also, people who swear during a testimony are seen as more credible witnesses as opposed to those who didn’t swear at all.

That is why if you happen to have a group of friends who think of some really creative slurs, then it’s likely that they have some really high IQ levels. Also, they are likely to be some of the most honest people you are ever going to meet in life.

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