Perhaps We Were Never Meant To Be Together, And Maybe That’s Okay

Whenever I think back to the time that we used to share as a couple, I just can’t help but feel a sense of regret and woe about how everything turned out. I can’t help but feel like I’ve lost an opportunity that I’m never going to be able to get again. I remember actually telling you that I couldn’t imagine living a life that didn’t have you in it. I look back and think at all the times I told you that I would always do whatever it took to keep you at my side. I look back and think about all the inside jokes that we used to share. We shared so many laughs. We shared so many sweet kisses. We shared so many intimate talks that turned into sleepless nights. And I loved all of it. But they all live in the past at this point. They are all just memories now. These are things that I’m, never going to get back ever again.

During nights like this one, all of the memories just became a lot more vivid and clear. It’s as if I’m watching a movie of our past right in front of me. I can clearly remember every single detail surrounding those memories. And most importantly, I remember everything that I felt when I was with you during those times. How could I ever forget the fact that you played such an important role in my life? There was a point in our lives together where I really thought that you would be the one I would be spending forever with. And you don’t forget a person like that. That’s a thought and a dream that will stay with me for the rest of my life. And you know what else I’m never going to forget? The fact that it was so much easier for you to move on from me than it was for me to get over you.

I am absolutely positive that you are someone I am never going to forget. You are always going to be running through my thoughts every now and then. You will be someone I would secretly write about in my journal on days when I’m feeling nostalgic and vulnerable. There is no denying that you have changed and altered my life to its core. Very few people have made as profound an effect on my life as you did and I would never dispute that idea. And even though I ended up having to let you go, please know that I’m never going to forget about you. The idea of you is always going to linger in me for as long as I live.

I understand that it’s not because we didn’t love one another. I’m pretty sure that I loved you with every fibre of my being. And I know that you loved me as well. It was evident in the way you were when you were around me. It was obvious in the manner which you treated me. There was no shortage of love in our relationship. However, sometimes, love just isn’t enough. And I know that. Maybe our differences were just far too much to handle. Maybe we were just too incompatible as a couple. Perhaps our personalities were just far too irreconcilable and that’s why things didn’t work out with us. We got overwhelmed by our situation and we both knew it was best for us to just say goodbye.

And I still think that that’s okay. Maybe it was for the best. Perhaps we just aren’t meant to be because we are meant for other things. Maybe we are meant for other people. And even though it hurts to think that you and I could just never make things work, I take solace in the idea of you and me eventually finding happiness in the end. It might not be happy with one another, but it’s happiness nonetheless. And I’m definitely going to be happy for you even if you find love with another person. It might just not be so easy to get over the idea of losing you too quickly.

I felt like the time that we had was cut short and maybe that’s just how it goes. Maybe that’s just what was written for us from the start. But in spite of the fact that we never worked out, I want you to know that I have no regrets. There was nothing fake or insincere about the way that I loved you. I have no regrets with the way that I loved you because I gave it everything I had. We just never worked out and perhaps it’s for the better. I may not be okay right now. But I know that I’ll be fine eventually.

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