Photographer Creates AI Girlfriend in his Pictures to Keep Nosy Relatives at Bay

Recently, a professional photographer turned video creator from India shocked his four million followers on YouTube by creating a fake girlfriend through the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technique.

Unmesh Dinda from India is a commercial retoucher and photoshop educator who owns a YouTube channel called PiXimperfect.

Dinda, who excels at excellent photoshop and video editing skills, uploaded a video on his channel showcasing how people can edit their photos and add another human being to them using the AI.

“If your relatives are more concerned about you getting married than you are, you need to send them a photo like this. This will keep them wondering for a while,” he said in his video.

Last month, DALL-E – a machine learning model developed by the OpenAI Company to generate digital images from natural language descriptions, announced that it would allow users to edit pictures with human faces.

“Dinda, who runs a photo editing YouTube channel, took advantage of the development to upload a selfie he took and then used the inpainting feature. Inpainting allows the user to erase part of the image and then guide DALL-E to fill that space by entering a text prompt.”

“After erasing a girlfriend-size space in the image, Dinda types in ‘man with girlfriend,’ which generates a selection of fake partners.”

After picking the right picture of girls from the list, Unmesh used the ‘outpainting feature’ to extend the borders in the original photo.

According to Dinda, DALL-E and almost all other AI-image-generating tools do not create real-looking believable faces, so he cropped the girl’s face and exported it into another image editing software called GFP-GAN.

“Generative Facial Prior (GFP-GAN) can repair most old photographs in mere seconds, and it can do it for free.”

So, after he exported the image into the above-mentioned software, the girlfriend’s face suddenly started looking realistic.

“And it’s done,”  he said. “You can make some more adjustments in Photoshop but take a look at it,” he pointed at the edited image.

“There you have your girlfriend or boyfriend or whoever you want in the picture with you.” He continued. “Show this photo to someone and ask them what was edited; it would be hard to tell in 90 percent of the cases.”

In the same video, Dinda also demonstrated ways to remove people from images using the same Artificial Intelligence techniques.

“By inpainting over the person that is to be removed, DALL-E then generates a replacement in that space. And despite the complexity of the image, the AI creates a viable photo.”

“For photographers who have ever spent a considerable about of time attempting to remove a complicated object or person from a photo; this technology is truly mindblowing.” – PetaPixel.

The tech enthusiast also showed people ways to add or modify features in their photos and went on to edit a photo of Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

The photoshop educator gave hair to the former professional wrestler, and after he was done editing his image, the Baywatch actor looked as if he actually had natural hair.

You can look at more of Dinda’s work on his official website, YouTube channel, and Instagram.

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