Plus-size Influencer Targeted by Cruel TikTok Spammer Who Pretended to Be Her to Demand Wider Airplane Aisles

A plus-size influencer is being targeted by an online troll and spammer who stole her content – videos and pictures, and called for wider airplane aisles pretending to be her.

BoBerry is a digital creator with over 297K followers on TikTok and 259K on Instagram. Recently, the influencer, a huge body positivity advocate, revealed that another TikToker ‘Big Curvy Olivia’ has been stealing her content and posting it online pretending to be her.

One of the stolen videos posted by the spammer was doctored and reshared on TikTok with false intentions. The original video was shared by BoBerry in March 2023 in which she merely described her struggles of accessing airplane lavatories and how she cannot fit in just any airplane toilet, so she always uses the one that’s ‘wheelchair accessible.’

BoBerry also shared some tips for other plus-sized people flyers and received an overall positive response on her video.

However, when the fake account ‘Big Curvy Olivia’ stole and reshared BoBerry’s video on her TikTok account with over 56K followers, it was doctored and showed BoBerry getting stuck between two plane seats and even called out airlines for discriminating against plus-sized people.

“Honestly it’s discrimination that they can’t build wider aisles in airplanes 2023,” the faker captioned the video pretending to be BoBerry.

The fake video received massive backlash and many negative comments from people calling out BoBerry for making an unrealistic demand. Some also mocked her for being overweight and said mean things like she should lose weight instead of demanding wider plane aisles and so on.

In a follow-up video, BoBerry has not only called out all the media outlets who shared the news without checking the facts but also clarified that she never criticized airlines for any discrimination against plus-sized flyers, nor had she demanded wider plane aisles.

Instead, the influencer always shares content encouraging people to do proper research before traveling and booking flights to ensure a comfortable flight experience. She also discussed how she purposely plans her trips and books flights with wheel-chair accessible bathrooms.

BoBerry’s video received a plethora of applauding comments in comparison to the fake video shared by Big Curvy Olivia.

“Wow, I never thought about wheelchair accessibility on a domestic/small flight,” one user commented on the real video.

“As a wheelchair user who works at an advocacy organization, improving airplane accessibility for all people is one of my top priorities,” another wrote.

“Why have I never thought of this? So many people are affected by this inaccessibility,” a third added.

“I applaud your efforts for sharing this information with so many that may need it. Stay beautiful,” said another.

According to the influencer, she has filed a ‘copyright infringement notice’ against the fake profile, and TikTok has banned it. However, she said the damage has been done, and she worries about how the whole fiasco will impact all the future opportunities for her.

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