Popular Social Media Star Shares Surprising Cause of Her Homelessness

An Australian social media personality has shared why she is homeless even though she earns thousands from online content. Emily Webb who is 25 years old, operates a popular OnlyFans account with over 100,000 followers.

She has applied for several rental properties but has been unable to secure one due to the countrywide housing shortage. Living on the Gold Coast, Emily resides in her car, crashes at friends’ places, or stays with men she dates.

According to news.com.au, the content creator is willing to pay about $1000 a week.

“I’ve offered to pay rent six and 12 months in advance and still had no luck,” said Emily.

However, despite the challenges, the social media star is fairly at ease with not having a permanent residence. “I can’t believe I’ve been wasting my money on rent all this time. Life hack: If you’re hot, don’t ever pay rent,” she added.

She also updated her fans on Instagram with a video in which she was seen driving her car, where she currently resides.

“I just left one of my boyfriend’s places because he has “s**t to do”, whatever that means. [Dating app] Hinge is just kind of drying up for me, everyone’s pissing me off, they’re being rude about the fact that I’m homeless,” she added.

She then explained that in order to secure another date, she had applied makeup, styled her hair, and was heading out for a stroll at Burleigh to meet a new guy to stay with.

“I’m going to go ask every hot guy for their number and then see if I can find a place to sleep tonight,” Emily told her followers. “Otherwise, I’m sleeping in my car. Which is fine, this is comfy as f**k. Not complaining at all.”

The social media star further revealed that she’s been relying on her attractiveness to persuade men to let her stay with them without paying rent for the past two weeks. She also revealed that she stays with friends around four times a week and goes on dates about three times a week.

Despite her current situation, Emily remains hopeful about finding a place soon. She noted she’s awaiting responses on several rental applications and is actively searching for a more permanent housing solution.

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Source: news.com.au

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