when a guy rubs his chin

QUESTION: What Does it Mean When a Guy Rubs His Chin?

Question: “We went on our first date, and I noticed he was rubbing his chin while smiling, what does it mean when a guy rubs his chin? Thank you. Relationship Rules! Following you guys since 2013.”

This has two answers.

1. His chin is itchy. (self-explanatory)

2. He is showing signs of emotion. (answered below)

When he rubs his chin, it’s a sign of charm and anxiousness combined. You’re dating this guy, and he is charmed by you; he is interested in you and the idea of you as well. He will show a lot of signs of interest through body language. When a guy rubs his chin, he is showing small signs of anxiousness and affection. He likes you, and he is afraid of ruining things by saying something wrong or by looking bad.

He wants to make sure he is perceived in the correct light. These emotions lead to him feeling a bit anxious, which may lead to him rubbing his chin while talking to you and smiling, etc. When a guy rubs his chin, it means he feels a particular emotion towards you. Whether the feeling is friendly or romantic remains to be seen.

What should I do when a guy rubs his chin?

When he rubs his chin, you shouldn’t pay too much attention to it; it’s a slight sign of affection and nothing more. It doesn’t have any hidden meaning beneath it. I can honestly go on about what it COULD mean, but the answer is much more straightforward. He is just a little scared and also happy; it’s a mix of emotions that make him do this involuntary action on his chin.

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