Real Women Reveal 9 Bad Signs That The Guy You’re With Is Probably A Loser

I see red flags.

1. He gets jealous of you whenever you find success at work.

He is a loser because he is so insecure about his own life, he would never want you to find success in your own life at all. He feels threatened and jealous whenever you start to really achieve some major milestones in your professional and personal life. He will hate that nothing is going on for him while everything seems to be happening for you.

2. He gets upset that you and your ex still have a healthy friendly relationship.

He is so insecure about his place in your relationship that he would automatically feel threatened at the idea of you still being friends with an ex. He would be so scared of losing you that he would get really upset that you and your ex still have a healthy relationship. He wouldn’t care that you say you’re committed to him. His insecurity as a loser just wouldn’t be able to handle that situation.

3. He constantly asks you for money.

He treats you like his own personal piggy bank because he either doesn’t want to spend his own money or he just doesn’t have any of his own money to spend in the first place. Either way, that’s a bad sign. For one, it might be a sign that he’s just looking to leech off of your love as much as he can. And two, it shows that he can’t be an independent partner you can rely on.

4. He doesn’t know how to pick up after himself.

He is constantly looking for you to baby him and pick up after him. Regardless if it’s the little things or the big things, he needs you to always clean up after his messes. He leaves the dishes at home for you to do. He leaves his dirty laundry for you to handle. Whenever he’s in a bind at work, he looks at you to solve his troubles for him. He never likes to assume responsibility for his own life.

5. He doesn’t really have a solid job or any real plans in life.

If he doesn’t have a job, that wouldn’t really be a problem per se. But if he is jobless and he doesn’t have a plan for getting out of this kind of obscurity, then that’s the real problem right there. It shows that he has no drive or motivation. It shows that he has no direction in life and that he just can’t

6. He is financially irresponsible.

He just doesn’t know how to handle his money. The very fact that he doesn’t know how to be responsible with his money is a sign that he’s a loser and he’s not mature enough to be in a relationship with you or in any adult relationship for that matter. Money management is an important detail in all adult relationships and if he doesn’t get that, he’s not ready to be in one at all.

7. He finds it funny whenever he demeans or belittles you.

He gets a real kick out of making fun of you. He loves it whenever he can get other people to laugh at your expense. He does this because he knows that he would make a really easy punching bag. He knows how much of a loser he is and his ego just wouldn’t be able to take the heat. And so he will somehow find a way to divert the attention to you by pointing out your own personal flaws for all to see.

8. He blames you for all of the problems in his life.

He isn’t the type of guy who is humble enough to actually acknowledge that he has his fair share of weaknesses even though it’s pretty clear that he does. He would never willingly admit that he screws up. He would never want to be accountable for his actions. He would never want to face the repercussions of his decisions and so he will constantly find a way to blame you for all of the troubles in his life. He will use you as a target for his deflections on how sad his life really is.

9. He doesn’t really have any real passions or hobbies in life.

He doesn’t get passionate about anything. He has no valuable skills that he is honing. He doesn’t do anything productive in this life. He isn’t really living he is merely existing. And somehow, he is dragging you into the mud of mediocrity along with him. The longer that you stay in a relationship with him, the more that you risk having his loser mentality rub off on you as well. At this moment, you might really be the only good thing going on in his life. 

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