7 Reasons Why Having A Girl Best Friend Is Better Than A Girlfriend

Having a platonic relationship with a girl can be super fun. A friendly relationship with your female best friend is simply amazing and remarkable. You both are frank, honest and sincere with each other. Without having any doubts about your relationship and any pressures to come up to each other’s expectations, you just enjoy being in each other’s company.

Here areВ 7 reasons why having a girl best friend is a lot better than having a girlfriend:

1. There Is No Element Of Jealousy

Your platonic female friend always wishes that you have the very best in life. She wants you to be happy in life and in your relationships. There is absolutely no element of jealousy in your friendship.

Jealousy is the last thing men want to deal with. A girlfriend can get jealous and resentful if you like a picture of another girl on Instagram. Your girlfriend may evenВ have issues with youВ for just posting a comment on another girls Facebook profile. But that is not the case with your girl best friend.

2. She Gives You The Best Female Advice

In relationships, we mostly fail to give an honest advice. Our advices and opinions are biased to avoid any unpleasant experiences in our relationship, while a female best friend will always give you the sincerest and most honest advice. There is simply no reason to hide the truth from you, so she will give you a frank opinion about your outlook, your new hair style, your dressing sense etc.

And since she’s a woman, your girl best friend can guide you with what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong in your loving relationship from a woman’s point of view.

3. It Literally Lasts Forever

Your platonic relationship with your female friend is forever. You both stand by each other, you know each other’s past life secrets, you are never jealous of each other, you always give each other honest and sincere advice; this is an ideal friendship that is essentially forever.

Your girl best friend is always there for you and unlike your girlfriend, will never dump you for any handsome hunk. You both are never bored of each other and you know that your friendship is there to last a lifetime.

4. You Get To Understand About The Opposite Sex

Having a best female friend gives you an edge in understanding the female specie. Your friend is your best source to know about girls; what they like, what they want, how they feel and react in certain situations. A female best friend can guide you in making the right decisions about your relationship with your girlfriend.

5. You Don’t Have To Hide Your Guilty Pleasures

You can truly be yourself with your girl best friend. You can frankly discuss with herВ about theВ weird stuff you take pleasure from. You can tell her your darkest secrets and silliest memoriesВ without being worried about her reaction. Because you know your girl best friend will never think any less of you and she will never judge you. On the other hand, your girlfriend can never absorb everything without some of it being filtered.

6. She Is More Understanding

Most girlfriends are always nosy into your activities. They want you to text them every other minute, telling them about your whereabouts and keep them informed about each and every happening at your end. A girlfriend at times gets on your nerves because of her over-possessiveness.

Your female best friend is more understanding and considerate. She won’t make it an issue if you don’t text her back or missed her calls because of your commitments. Even when you are drunk, you can call or text her, she won’t be outrageous if you say anything wrong to her while you are under the influence.

Unlike your girlfriend, your best female friend won’t have panic attacks, about you dumping her, if you by any chance miss her phone calls. You don’t feel yourself accountable for not calling or texting her back. You know whenever you catch up with your girlВ best friend, you guys will reconnect instantly.

7. You Don’t Need To Impress Her

As opposed to your girlfriend, you can just be yourself with your best female friend. You don’t have to invest in your looks and style to get along with her. Your best girl friend knows everything about you and she accepts you as a person, so you don’t have to be or act as the ˜perfect guy’ with her.

There is simply no pretension in your relationship with your female best friend. You don’t have to impress your girl best friend as she adores you for your real being.

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Do you have a girl best friend in your life?

How do you find your girlfriend different from your platonic female best friend?

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  1. I used to be closer with my girl best friends in life. But after getting betrayed by a multiple, and not knowing every benefits written in this article, I’ve been really spending lesser time with women due to the trust issue. But little by little, I’m taking my time to be not afraid to risk and trust in women again. For I know that a real female best friend isn’t the one who will divulge my information. Thank you so much for the support of this article.🙇‍♂️

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