Reasons Why Marrying Young Can Be Awesome

We’ve all heard about that legendary ‘next level’В  that everyone keeps talking about when it comes to relationships.

The next level can be a lot of things to a lot of people but the ultimate level where only a few couples make it is: marriage. Marriage is when two people are so sure about each other that they decide to put on a ring to prove it. Marriage is something that doesn’t just come knocking on your door and you’re sure that on this day of that month of that particular day you’ll get married. Some people marry much later into their lives and some people marry while many of their friends are still dating. This article is going to be focusing on all the perks that come with a young marriage, so let’s begin:

1. You don’t have unrealistic fantasies.

Let’s be honest here, most of us have sometimes day dreamed about what life after marriage will be like. Never once do these dreams, however, include the bills. Marriage is hard work but many of us refuse to acknowledge the ‘work’ aspect of a marriage. Being married young means that you won’t have enough time to dream about dates on a hot air balloon because from an early age you’ll know that marriage is hard work. Sure you’ll often want something out of the ordinary from time to time but they’ll all stay within a fine margin of what might actually happen. Admit it or not, the perfect marriage we planned in our heads isn’t always what we get and if we constantly let that get the best of us, a marriage won’t be a successful one.

2. You’ve been through everything.

You remember the joy you felt when you two bought your first car together or paid the mortgage on that house in that beautiful neighbourhood you really wanted. When you’re married young, you get to look back at all of the good times you and your partner shared. More often than not, we find ourselves reliving a happy memory in our minds and for a young couple, all those memories were with the same person.

3. There’s less baggage in the relationship.

We constantly think of how our lives would have been different, what if you just kicked out that good for nothing ex years ago? Did her cheating on you leave a scar? Did his abuse make you mentally unstable to recognize a good person as just that? I’m not trying to say that baggage is the problem, it’s the impact of it that haunts you all the time or needs a lot of time before you can finally feel like its okay to be happy in a relationship again. When you marry young, your baggage is just a tiny little hand carry which is very easy to unload.

4. You get to enjoy your wild years together.

Although what other people say shouldn’t affect you even in the slightest, sometimes it just gets too much to bear when people give you a look of disapproval whenever an older couple decided to ‘feel young’ again. You ACTUALLY have felt young with your partner and odds are, you’re still young and still enjoying everything in life. The smallest of things excite you and you get to spend all your time doing what’s fun.

5. You won’t fact the age-old moral dilemma.

‘When am I going to get married?’ I’ve mentioned it at the beginning of this article that marriage comes whenever it’s right and that doesn’t really have anything to do with time till you hit 40, it’s about theВ  ‘right time’. Many people actually have a life plan set for themselves, they want to get married and that particular age and when they realise that marriage doesn’t work that way, they get stressed out. Marrying young means not worrying about that and focusing more on all the years both of you still have left together.

6. Overcoming the odds together.

A young marriage faces way more criticism than any other marriage because people aren’t willing to accept that these are two consenting adults. They see it as two kids who don’t know any better. I can not stress on the satisfaction that you’ll feel when you get pass by all of those people years later, walking hand in hand. Is it flawless? No of course not, it’s a relationship like any other and does have its ups and downs. You’ll feel sad or happy, the moods will change but if you give it your 100%, you’ll have a marriage no less than a fairytale.

Marriage comes when it will, it’s up to you and your partner to decide when’s the right time for it. Would you want to get married today or tomorrow?

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