7 Reasons Why Girls Who Love Being Single Are The Happiest

Being single doesn’t mean that you have to be unhappy. In fact, single people are the happiest in the world.

No one ever really talks about the fact that there are plenty of single women who CHOOSE to remain single despite the many pressures of society. Mainstream media always feeds us the idea that we need to be able to find loving relationships in order for us to be happy and that’s just wrong.

We don’t have to be in relationships in order for us to be happy. We don’t have to rely on being with another person in order for us to find joy in our lives. We are all perfectly capable of finding happiness in our own selves. And that’s just not an idea that gets talked about enough in this modern age.

That’s why there are so many women out there who just end up settling for relationships that don’t give them fulfilment. They are led to believe that it’s better to be unhappy in a relationship than to be single. And that’s always the wrong mindset going into a relationship.

One should never force themselves to be in a relationship just so they can escape the single life. That shouldn’t be the motivation for dating. That shouldn’t be how it works. Women shouldn’t be forced to be in relationships just because they think that they’re worse off being single.

There are plenty of reasons to be happy about being single – and it’s very important that women all over the world realize this. No one should ever have to settle for a relationship that they feel is beneath them; a relationship that they feel doesn’t give them exactly what they need.

And honestly, there is much joy to be found in being single. And if you still need some convincing, here are 7 reasons as to why that is:

1. They understand what their priorities in life really are.

2. They don’t give in to the desperations that society forces on them.

3. They are able to value their friendships so much more.

4. They devote more time to other productive aspects of life.

5. They get a chance to discover who they are and what they need from relationships.

6. They understand what it means to find happiness in other aspects of life.

7. They don’t fall victim to the manipulative advances of men.

Final Thoughts

A lot of girls are smart enough to understand that when a relationship just fails to live up to its potential, then there’s no point in prolonging the pain. It’s better to just cut your losses rather than waste your time and energy on something that just isn’t built to last.

And there are also those women who are able to find meaning, contentment, and happiness in life outside of a relationship. They don’t buy in to the whole idea that you need to be with a man in order for you to be happy. They aren’t so easily swayed by such thinking. They don’t feel bad about the fact that they don’t have a partner – and they’re not letting their singlehood be what defines them as people.

To be more specific, women who make a conscious choice to remain single as opposed to settling in a relationship that they know is beneath them tend to be happier. Instead of having to put up with a partner that they’re not totally crazy about, they get more time to just think about themselves. They are afforded more opportunities that allow them to be selfish without guilt.

They are able to map out their own lives however they see fit without having to adjust to anyone else. They are able to set short and long term goals to their own liking – goals that cater around their own personal dreams. And lastly, women who choose to be single are also going to be passionate.

Just because they don’t have a relationship to be passionate about doesn’t mean that they can’t be investing their passions into other aspects of their lives. They are also self-sufficient; they are capable of taking whatever life throws at them and turning it into something useful and productive. They are independent and they don’t need to be in a relationship to survive in this world.

Lastly, women who make the conscious choice to be single for prolonged periods of time do so not because they find it difficult to land themselves in a relationship – it’s just that they don’t feel like a relationship is really going to add to their happiness and fulfilment.

They are perfectly satisfied with how they live their lives and so they don’t really seek out being in a relationship at all. They aren’t scared of the thought at not getting married and having a family of their own someday. But they aren’t going to be shutting themselves off to the idea of being in a relationship also. The point is – they can find happiness in life regardless of their relationship status.

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