4 Good Reasons Why You Need To Leave Someone You Love

“Love is when you want them to be happy and they want you to be happy even if it means not having each other in their lives.”

I often see couples treating breakups as the worst things that can ever happen to them. It is, it sure is, there is no denying it but being the positive person I am in life, I also think there are always two sides to every story.

Breakups are not always bad, sometimes they are for the good of two people even though they love each other but they are better off without them. Thinking like this might disturb the whole idealistic idea of love for you but let me remind you what true love means. It does not mean forcefully living with someone even if you are not happy with them. It does not mean binding yourself and someone else to a commitment even if it limits their true potential. It does not being frustrated. In fact, it can simply be described in one sentence:

“Love is when you want them to be happy and they want you to be happy even if it means not having each other in their lives.”

Now hold on to this one sentence for every reason that I give below and you will truly understand what I mean.


Staying in the relationship, even though every time you look at your partner, they remind you of how they have hurt you and how much pain you are going through, is not wise. You will constantly feel under appreciated and unimportant. On the other hand, your partner will be fighting within themselves and the guilt they carry. Whether it is cheating or any mistake that has poisoned the relation. Why linger on to something that is slowly poisoning itself? It is better to free yourself and your partner from the constant torture.


It is a hard concept to grasp and agree with but it isn’t unfamiliar. 2 years ago, I broke up with my girlfriend after being together for three years. Both of us have been praised for the kind of people we are and the way we communicate with people but it was a surprise for everyone when we broke up. We were good as individuals but disastrous as a couple.

We used to fight every second, we both developed health issues and were mentally stressed out. We couldn’t let go because that’s not who we were, we weren’t quitters. We had been perfect with every relation of our lives, how could we not get this? It took three excruciatingly painful years to make us understand that sometimes two individuals can’t get it right and when that happens, let go. Again, avoid the torture.


When one of the partner has given too much and can’t give anymore or can’t find the drive to do more. That is when you need to pack your bags and bid farewell. It’s called falling out of love and it happens more often than you think. If you don’t feel the drive to dress up for your man or to woo your woman, simply don’t care if they are happy and satisfied or not, there is no charm left or the motivation to go that extra mile for the love of your life. If this happens to you, you both have grown out of love and it is the right time to part ways.


We fall for people who are beautiful in and out and we think we can do justice to them by being ourselves. Sometimes, that doesn’t happen and they will always deserve much more no matter how much you try, you simply can’t go against your nature.

It is the hardest kind of goodbye but if you truly love such a person you can’t do justice to then you should understand that there is someone out there who can actually treat them the way they should be treated so for the sake of the person you love and their happiness, you’ve got to let it go.

Letting go is itself hard and such decisions that base the foundation of your breakups are even harder to accept, implement and make peace with. But remember a flower, for it to flourish and bloom, you˜ve got to let it have what it needs no matter how much you want it to be cut and be kept in your lounge. If you love it for its true nature, you will forgo the desire of wanting them only so they can be the best form of themselves. And guys, that’s what true love is.

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I’ve been through my fair share of breakups, I know how life-threatening they can be. How difficult was your last breakup? Did it change you in any way? Let me know in the comments below. And as always, stay blessed and keep the love alive!

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