Reasons Why You Should love a Cancer

Cancerians are generally moody, loving and kind-hearted, although the zodiac sign of the Cancer constellation is a crab. Crabs aren’t that wild either, if you think about it. Like lobsters, they hold claws with their partners while walking. It’s really nice of an animal to do that, don’t you think? On a serious note, Cancerians (born between June 21 and July 22) are reliable people and also are the ones who are always up for partying.

Besides that, there are many other reasons why you should look forward to dating a Cancerians this summer (keep dating them even after summer is over, though). They are great people with some really fun habits and quick comebacks to almost everything.

1. They Won’t Let You Make Bad Decisions:

Cancerians are known to be both fun-loving and diligent people. They will be up for all kinds of adventures and fun activities but just when you are about to make a silly decision, they will make sure you don’t have to face any regrets in the future. They are rational people who can tell the difference between a harmless practical joke and a harmful practical joke and are not ashamed of admitting it. In a nutshell, they can be both cool and cold (in a good way).

2. They Will Bring Out The Creative in You:

Cancerians also happen to be interestingly creative people who, when given the chance, come out as lively and creative artists. Music, drawings and anything artistic will be encouraged by them and you will always find them to be highly interested in your creative work; one of the reasons why they are known as extroverted introverts.

3. They Don’t Back Off:

Cancerians are loyal. They won’t call off any occasion or hangout that you are super excited for. Be it a relationship or a commitment to meet next week, they will almost never cancel and expect you to do the same. They are committed to what they say and try their best to keep their word.

4. They Will Always Listen to You:

Being sensitive is one of their prominent traits. You will find a great friend in a Cancerian, who will never be rude and ever-ready to listen to your problems and stories from the day. Whether it is a dark secret or a narration of something funny that happened at work, they will listen to you and react all naturally.

5. They Will be Clear With You:

A Cancerian is not one of those people who will keep you guessing about what is wrong. They are blunt with their emotions and expressions as their minds are greatly in line with their bodies. You may not like that in the beginning but eventually you will like their upfront and honest nature. They are okay with not being okay. It will be a benefit for you as they will tell you that you are looking bad when you are actually looking bad and save you the embarrassment from other people.

6. Not Just Spiritual:

Cancerians not only have healthy mental habits, you will also find them to be thoroughly enjoying physical pleasures. Don’t be surprised if they order and eat the whole fudge cake themselves; they would do passionately whatever they are doing. That also makes them great lovers in bed. It is a famous fact that Cancerians are really good in bed. They have strong emotional instincts, so don’t be surprised when they initiate physical contact when you are not expecting it.

7. They Care a Lot:

Of all the Zodiac signs, Cancerians are known to be the most caring and loving ones. They have maternal instincts and you will find them to be greatly empathetic. Consider yourself lucky if you come across a Cancerian guy/girl and consider yourself even luckier if you fall in love with one. They will care about you more than anything and you will never find yourself alone in a hardship. They won’t mention they are being helpful and go out of their way to make you feel better. They are actual sweethearts.

8. They Will Keep You in Their Hearts:

Cancerians don’t easily let people see their fragile hearts and trust them right away. They may be sensitive but they are not stupid. They have naturally guarded personalities that don’t let everyone see how soft they are at heart. But if they let you in and let you see their soft side, they will never ever make you go away. They understand the value of friendships and relationships and are ever-ready to serve to the cause of keeping a relationship alive and healthy.

9. They Will Accompany You Almost Everywhere:

Cancers have a sense of security about their home and possessions but anytime you ask them to accompany you on a trip to anywhere, they will happily pack their bags. They are adventurous and lively people who sometimes believe in breaking the rules.

10. They Want You, But They Don’t Need You:

Caring, loving and kind-hearted are the prominent traits of a Cancerian, yet he/she will always make sure about being independent. Besides being soft, they are also fierce and self-dependent. You will find a great friend and lover in a Cancerian, but you will also see them standing strong when a wave comes over. Cancerians are like diamonds, too good to have but too solid at the same time.

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